Annual Report 2016-2017

Annual Report 2016-2017

Wildwood School REPORT ON GENEROSITY 2016-2017 COUNT ON US

Wildwood School REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 count on us

Philanthropic Contributions to Wildwood (non-capital)

2016-2017 $2.7M

70% growth over 5 years

2011-2012 $1.6M

dear friends,

shepherd the school’s participation in the National Association of Independent School’s Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM). The data provided from that process will be used to structure diversity work in the coming years. Concurrently, committee members collaborated to create a diversity mission statement, which we’re pleased to present here: Wildwood School is a dynamic community of culturally and racially diverse families and educators. Wildwood honors individual differences and creates conditions where all can feel safe, accepted, and empowered. Our healthy exchange of perspectives and experiences cultivates compassionate, effective change makers. We look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming school year. Grateful for a productive and entirely enjoyable three years of collaboration with Lisa serving in the role of Board chair, we welcome Joel Brand as the school’s next Board chair. Happily, we will be joined in that work by four new trustees—Chelsey Hadley, Andrew Horn, Susan Olsen, and Azizi Williams. Thank you, as always, for the many ways you support Wildwood. We couldn’t be more proud to partner with you.

We’re pleased to share this 2016-2017 Annual Report and hope you’ll see your support of Wildwood School, in whatever form it takes, reflected herein. Thank you for your partnership. Success and achievement marked the 2016-2017 school year. Another class of Wildwood School graduates received their diplomas and are headed to a range of schools around the country—from large public research universities to Ivy League schools to small liberal arts colleges. Annual Giving exceeded last year’s totals, cresting the $2.1 million mark for the first time ever. Support and affirmation of our school’s progressive brand of college-preparatory education deepens and expands with each passing year, as evidenced by the impact our alumni are having, the colleges they’re attending, the foundation support we receive, and the popularity of our outreach programs, which benefit schools—and thus, children—around the world. This year was also one marked by the launch of important work that will have an impact on the experiences of students, families, and employees for years to come. Two Board task forces led the way, one for compensation and benefits and another for diversity. Volunteer teachers, administrators, trustees, parents, and friends of the school comprised the task forces and were guided by outside experts to help structure the work. Thanks to all those involved. Hiring a highly experienced independent school compensation and benefits consultant, the Compensation and Benefits Task Force created three committees to review and define priorities in the areas of salary structure, benefits, and faculty evaluation. Led by trustee Ashley Kramer and Associate Head of School Lori Strauss, the members of each committee have worked diligently this year and will continue their work in the coming year, with an eye toward making concrete recommendations in the fall and winter. The work of the Diversity Task Force, led by Joel Brand and Rasheda Carroll, focused on two areas this year. First, a separate, related steering committee was formed to

With warm regards and great appreciation,

Lisa M. Flashner Chair, Board of Trustees

Landis Green head of school

Wildwood School PAGE 2/3 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 count on us

board of trustees and committees 2016-2017

longest-serving board members: 25+ years

Board of Trustees Lisa Flashner (Chair) Joel Brand (Vice Chair) Amy Ardell Lisa Eisenpresser Jay Ferguson (Treasurer) Marc Frankel

Peter Frankfurt John Friedman Landis Green (Head of School) Nina Houghton Nina Jacobson Ashley Kramer (Secretary) Shawn Levy Grant Mitchell David O’Connor Sanford Panitch Cynthia Patton Lyle Poncher Lee Rosenbaum Andrew Solmssen Diana Stephenson (WWPO Liaison) Art Streiber Paige Tolmach

advancement Committee Grant Mitchell (Co-Chair) Andrew Solmssen (Co-Chair) Alan Ball Lisa Eisenpresser Sharon Fagen Joshua Fawcett Lisa Flashner John Friedman Landis Green

Committee on Trustees Joel Brand (Co-Chair) Nina Houghton (Co-Chair)

Investment advisory Committee Lyle Poncher (Chair)

Landis Green b, E, ss Claudia Hatter ss Carol Hoffstedt ss Nina Houghton b Alan Hunt ss, b Mallory Konell ss Grant Mitchell ss Hassan Muhammad b Tahnee Munoz b Megen O’Keefe E Mateo Reyes b Tim Sekula ss Andrew Solmssen E Diana Stephenson E Lori Strauss E Melinda Tsapatsaris

Lisa Flashner Marc Frankel Peter Frankfurt Landis Green Andrew Solmssen Melinda Tsapatsaris

Jay Ferguson Lisa Flashner Landis Green Alan Hunt Mary Knobler Andrew Palmer

executive committee Lisa Flashner (Chair) Joel Brand (Vice Chair)

AIM Committee (Asssessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism) Rasheda Carroll (AIM Coordinator)

Chelsea Hadley Nina Houghton Pegah Kamrava Janet Keller Ashley Kramer Tiffany Lovett

Jay Ferguson Marc Frankel Landis Green Ashley Kramer Shawn Levy Sanford Panitch Lyle Poncher Andrew Solmssen

Kyndall Brown Sandi Crozier Lisa Eisenpresser Desiree Gaitan Ben Salk Don Smith Paige Tolmach Kim Arne Verica Collette Bowers Zinn Compensation & Benefits Task Force Ashley Kramer (Chair) E Amy Ardell ss Jennifer Arnold B, ss

Susan Olsen Aimee Richer Diana Stephenson Art Streiber Paige Tolmach Melinda Tsapatsaris Laurie Zerwer Audit Committee Marc Frankel (Chair) Phyllis Frank

b – Benefits Subcommittee E – Evaluation Subcommittee ss – Salary Structure Subcommittee

Diversity Task Force Joel Brand (Chair)

Finance Committee Jay Ferguson (Co-Chair) Cynthia Patton (Co-Chair)

Melanie Benefiel Rasheda Carroll Lisa Eisenpresser Lisa Flashner Peter Frankfurt Landis Green Nina Jacobson Emma Katznelson

Amy Ardell Joel Brand Lisa Eisenpresser Lisa Flashner Landis Green Nina Houghton Andrew Horn Alan Hunt Matthew Kayton Ramin Kolahi Lee Rosenbaum Lori Strauss

Peter Frankfurt Grant Mitchell Art Streiber Additional Attendees:

Melissa Bales ss Gladys Barbieri E Annie Barnes E Katie Boye Alicia Breakey E Jay Ferguson b Lisa Flashner ss John Friedman b Paula Gabriel b

Phil McFarland Cynthia Patton Katie Rios Don Smith Art Streiber Paige Tolmach

Lisa Flashner Landis Green Alan Hunt

Wildwood School PAGE 4/5 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 count on us

iCI students 16 > Nepal 11 > Guatemala/ Belize

International Community Involvement 2016-2017

7 community projects

Wildwood students make meaningful connections and expand their worldview through impactful service abroad.

20,800 miles flown


Wildwood School PAGE 6/7 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 110 families Endowments exist in perpetuity and provide an annual income stream. Wildwood’s inaugural endowment, the Hope Fund, generates revenue for the school’s flexible tuition program. 2016-2017 Flexible Tuition Benefits count on us

the hope fund

average tuition reduction: more than 60%

2017 VALUE IS 2007 VALUE WAS $4,135,430 $537,903 8 year of the party PARTIES $85,650 raised for the Hope Fund

The Wildwood Parent Organization (WWPO) is dedicated to community building and parent connection.

Wildwood School PAGE 8/9 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 count on us

14 & 254 22 parent Ed events: events attendees

312 cups of coffee served


300 Multicultural Story Night: pajama-clad kids and parents attend


wwpo executive board

wwpo committee chairs

Co-Presidents Pegah Kamrava (Elementary)

Sam Ahmadpour Amy Ardell Janell Banchik Dana Barker Caroline Bassett Nell Beckerman Vanessa Biddle Connie Butler Patricia Cardoso Gia Carides Jen Chatham Lisa Colton Lee Ann Daly Stacy Ezra Ellen Firek Antonia Frey Christine Friedman Nicole Gelbart Sarah Hennelly Emily Hertzberg Karriann Hinds

Laura Norfolk Kerri O’Neil Ivette Osorio

Jaclyn Lieber (Middle) Laurie Zerwer (Upper)

Georgeanna Parks Stephanie Parsky

Board of Trustees Liaison Diana Stephenson Communications Liaison Vanessa Biddle

Kelly Priest Mia Renaud

Maggie Ribeiro Marissa Ribisi Jill Rosenberg Nina Sadowsky Birgit Schauz Robin Schorr Felita Wong Shen Lael Smith Bonnie Solmssen David Struhl Tara Turner Dawn Urbont Annette Vega Karuna Venter Michelle Watkins Nicole Wenneker

Parent Ambassador Blakely Hamilton

6k+ Jog-A-Thon: $31,676 raised for Wildwood K-12 Athletics

Anne Hoeller Renae Hwang Kevin Jarvis Therese Joslin Mikki Kane Melissa Kaye Julia Kayton

Leslie Wilson Sari Yoshioka

Julie Kolahi Leah Lavin Jaclyn Lieber Nicole Magnifico-Parker Lisa Manheim Monique Marshall


Tricia Matuszak Kristen Messina Yunnie Morena Margaret Morse Sarah Morse

2016-2017 fundraising totals reach an all-time high!

count on us

2016-2017 financial report REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 PAGE 10/11 Wildwood School Thank you to the hundreds of supporters who make Wildwood School a top philanthropic priority. we are grateful. 29.2 million 2016-17 Operating Budget

$104,000 Parent Organization (WWPO)

$479,000* Major Gifts

fundraising $2.7 million

$2.1 M Annual Giving

9% Fundraising

53% Salaries and Benefits

17% Rent and Facilities



91% Tuition Fees Interest

19% Operations/ Programs

11% Flexible Tuition

Unaudited totals, July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017 *New gifts and pledges received July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Major gifts fund bold new ideas and transformative programs that are outside the scope

count on us Wildwood School PAGE 12/13 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017

“In unschooling school and in charging students with becoming architects of their own learning, you have unleashed something in your community that is as exciting as it is powerful. Kudos to all of you.”

$478,888 RAISED of the school’s annual budget. major gifts John C. Gulla EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, THE EDWARD E. FORD FOUNDATION Grant awarded in support of WISRD as an exemplar of Wildwood’s Institute Model

wildwood institute for stem research and development (wisrd) Ahmanson Foundation Anonymous

Innovation Fund to Seed New Programming A pilot program to fund innovative, summertime study grants for faculty

Elementary Tec D.E.C. program Anonymous Foundation

Joel Brand and Kristina Deutsch

The Caplow Family Foundation Anna Chi and Douglas Smith Shana Weiss and John Silva

$189,000 in multiyear flexible tuition funding awarded by Dream Fund for Young Scholars

Over 950 elementary students ARE IMPACTED DAILY BY


Systems Thinking Partnership with Los Angeles Unified

Flexible Tuition Dream Fund for Young Scholars

Elementary Academic Services Coordinator Diane and Dorothy Brooks Foundation

To fund a program that brings a transformational Wildwood teaching model to LAUSD Title I elementary schools

To fund enrollment for elementary-age students of color

Anonymous Foundation The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation

Wildwood Institute for STEM Research and Development (WISRD) brings

count on us Wildwood School PAGE 14/15 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017

dynamic expansion to innovative student- directed learning. WISRD



3 virtual worlds created using the WISRD Augmented/ Virtual Reality Research Lab

9 original research papers published

17 partnerships with world-renowned institutions like NASA, UCLA Plasma Lab, JPL 6 regional conference presentations

The Wildwood Outreach Center enhances education around the globe, sharing our leading- edge practices with

Wildwood School PAGE 16/17 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 count on us

a growing array of public, charter, and independent schools. outreach center 15 states 6 countries 81 schools 41 New Client Schools june ’16-June ’17


outreach center client schools

Independent Schools Academy of Notre Dame de Namur, Villanova, Pennsylvania* Allen-Stevenson School, New York, New York* AltSchool, Palo Alto, California* Brentwood School, Los Angeles, California Chadwick School, Palos Verdes Peninsula, California Chandler School, Pasadena, California* Children’s Community School, Van Nuys, California* Curtis School, Los Angeles, California Echo Horizon School, Culver City, California Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, La Cañada Flintridge, California* Francis Parker School, San Diego, California Geffen Academy at UCLA, Los Angeles, California Growing Garden Academy, Redondo Beach, California Harvard-Westlake School, Los Angeles, California Hillbrook School, Los Gatos, California Hollywood Schoolhouse, Los Angeles, California* Iolani School, Honolulu, Hawaii Latin School of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois Miami Country Day School, Miami, Florida* Mirman School, Los Angeles, California New Roads School, Santa Monica, California Oak Farm Montessori School, Avila, Indiana Oaks Christian School, Westlake Village, California* Oakwood School, North Hollywood, California* Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, Oregon Pacific Ridge School, Carlsbad, California Polytechnic School, Pasadena, California Rolling Hills Preparatory School, San Pedro, California Seattle Hebrew Academy, Seattle, Washington* Sequoyah School, Pasadena, California Springer School and Center, Cincinnati, Ohio* St. Andrew’s School, Boca Raton, Florida* St. James’ Episcopal School, Los Angeles, California* St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, San Juan Capistrano, California Le Jardin Academy, Kailua, Hawaii* Maryknoll School, Honolulu, Hawaii*

The Berkeley School, Berkeley, California The Bishop’s School, La Jolla, California The Bolles School, Jacksonville, Florida* The Buckley School, Sherman Oaks, California The Cathedral School for Boys, San Francisco, California The Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, Honolulu, Hawaii* The Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Connecticut* The John Thomas Dye School, Los Angeles, California The Nueva School, San Mateo, California* The Oaks School, Los Angeles, California The Roeper School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan* The Wesley School, North Hollywood, California Trevor Day School, New York, New York Viewpoint School, Calabasas, California Walden School, Pasadena, California* Westland School, Los Angeles, California Westridge School, Pasadena, California* Public and Charter Schools + Nonprofit Organizations Alliance Leadership Middle Academy, Los Angeles, California Alliance Morgan McKinzie High School, Los Angeles, California* Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada Arete Preparatory Academy, Gilbert, Arizona* Berkeley High School, Berkeley, California* Case School, Cleveland, Ohio* Citizens of the World Charter School—Hollywood, Los Angeles, California Citizens of the World Charter School—Mar Vista, Los Angeles, California Citizens of the World Charter School—Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Cleveland, Ohio* Collinwood High School, Cleveland, Ohio* Crown Preparatory Academy, Los Angeles, California* Da Vinci Communications High School,

Hawthorne, California Envision Learning Partners, Oakland, California* Homestead High School, Cupertino, California* New Los Angeles Charter School, Los Angeles, California Palms Elementary School, Los Angeles, California Summit Preparatory Charter School, Los Angeles, California* The City School, Los Angeles, California The School of Arts and Enterprise, Pomona, California* Vaughn Next Century Learning Center, San Fernando, California* Youth Policy Institute, Los Angeles, California* Yukon Koyukuk School District, Fairbanks, Alaska* International American School of Guatemala, Guatemala City, Guatemala* Saigon South International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam* Singapore American School, Singapore United Nations International School, Hanoi, Vietnam* Vienna International School, Vienna, Austria* New Schools Using The Advisory Toolkit Bryan Adams High School, Dallas, Texas Capital City Public Charter School, Washington, D.C. Chabad Hebrew Academy, San Diego, California Community Day School, Sarasota, Florida Hall Memorial School, Willington, Connecticut High School of Arts and Technology, New York, New York KIPP Philosophers Academy, Los Angeles, California Magen David Yeshiva High School, Lakewood, New Jersey Monarch School, San Diego, California Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii Rippowam Cisqua School, Bedford, New York Sacred Hearts Academy, Honolulu, Hawaii School of the Holy Child, Rye, New York Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Westminster School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Westside Neighborhood School, Los Angeles, California

*Denotes new clients

count on us annual giving reflects the collective generosity of our entire community. 2016-2017 annual giving donors REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 PAGE 18/19 Wildwood School up 90% over 5 years

Annual Giving dollars

Annual Giving has another record-breaking year!

2016-2017 $2.1M



Wildwood average over 5 years

Median national average* for parent participation as reported by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)

2011-2012 $1.2M

*non-boarding schools

our community of generosity

Wildwood School PAGE 20/21 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017

Donor circles recognize cumulative totals for gifts to Annual Giving along with specially designated gifts in support of the academic program. Thank you for your tremendous support.*

visionaries ($50,000+)

Anonymous (2) Anna Chi and Douglas Smith Corinna Cotsen and Lee Rosenbaum Joann and Akiva Goldsman innovators ($25,000 – $49,999) Ashley and David Kramer Grant and Tiziana Mitchell Kristen and Sanford Panitch Steve and Jodi Schwartz Catharine and Jeffrey Soros Shana Weiss and John Silva David and Danielle Zucker The Horn Family Nina Houghton Lisa Kaz

Anonymous (3) Amy and Jim Ardell Jeff and Melissa Berman leaders ($12,500 – $24,999)

Ahmanson Foundation Randy Banchik and investors ($7,500 – $12,499)

Anonymous (3) Joel Brand and Kristina Deutsch Amy Brooks and Johnny Rivera Diane and Dorothy Brooks Foundation Deutsch Foundation Dream Fund for Young Scholars Shawn and Serena Levy Lyle Poncher and Lisi Rona Lona Williams and David O’Connor Celeste B. Cooper The Carl & Roberta

Tina Holmes and John Tripp Jana and Mitch Hunter Pegah Kamrava and Nader Pakfar Ben Looram and Karuna Venter Jennifer and Tobey Maguire Ramsey and Chip McDaniel Jonathan and Janelle Newkirk Laura and James Norfolk Susan Olsen and Keith Snyder Don Parker and Monica Perez Stephanie and David Parsky Olga and Roman Petrenko Jennifer Raikes and Chris Ord The Reinhardt - Hadley Family Kate Robin and Bruce Eric Kaplan Diana and Andrew Sachs Richard Salomon Macie and Jay Scherick

Jannell Greene Banchik Mike and Dana Barker Jon and Nell Beckerman Daniel and Melinda Berman Matthew Berninger and Carin Besser Fredrik and Jenny Bond Jesse and Amy Contreras Catherine Corpeny and Max Mayer Glynis Costin and Art Streiber Marc and Holly Fantini Erik Flannigan and Ty Stiklorius Griff and Zoë Foxley Marc Frankel Liseanne and Peter Frankfurt Landis Green and Bruce Norelius The Hansen Family

Trish Blessing and Jeffrey Bell Robert and Sheryl Burleson The Caplow Family Foundation Martha Davis Lisa Eisenpresser and Angela Courtin Jean and John Friedman Sarah Hennelly and Adam Goldberg Kate Hudson Jolie and Jon Jashni The Kayton Family Robert and Tiffany Lovett The Mazzarella Family Rob and Kaitlin McElhenney Monica Sarang and Bryan Kenny Bonnie and Andrew Solmssen Richard and Maie St. John The Stephenson Family Paige and Matt Tolmach Jenno Topping and Chris Moore Tom and Kira Verica Jodi and Adam Michaels Doug and Jennifer Oleff Gina and Jeremy Osher

Mark and Claudia Schwartz Michael and Tatyana Wexler

*Gifts received from July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

As part of the core curriculum for juniors and seniors, we build time for service work into the week so students can see themselves as engaged citizens in their community.

2016-2017 Donors

Partners ($5,000 – $7,499) Anonymous (5) Yasmine Amitai-Murro and Noam Murro Michele and Alec Berg Wendy and John Bergquist Cynthia and Alan Berkshire Vanessa Biddle and Jamie Reilly Kathy and Andrew Bobrow Jason and Karen Carbone The Carcano Family The Carides - Lapaglia Family Michael Colton and Lisa Nelson Colton Lee Ann Daly and Frank Todaro The Danch Family

Erin and Rob Natter Steven and Veronica Nessim

Jennifer Nottoli and Curt Johnson Cynthia Patton and Patrick Robison Neil and Carrie Peart Sandra and Robert Peters The Philip Family Dr. and Mrs. Trevor Small Jennifer and Robert Solomon Jocelyn and Ken Solomon Lisa and Tony Solomon The Spitz Family Dan and Cari Uslan Andrea Wallace and Jonathan Friedman Frederick R. Weisman Discretionary Trust Rob and Becky York Sari Yoshioka and Jacob Wexler Mentors ($3,000 – $4,999) Anonymous (8) The Abrams - Senator Family The Amann - Deschamps Family Jessica Aronoff and Lawrence Sher Diane and Jim Berliner Ada Berman and Brent Bradley Jeff and Jamia Bigalow Peter and Lisa Block

community involvement opportunities

Rich and Nicole D’Ovidio Neil and Maya Druckmann Karen and Eric Ende Terry Satinover Fagen Jeffrey and Diana Fenster Jay and Traci Ferguson Lisa Flashner

Diane and Victor Fresco The Gershovich Family Risa Gertner The Gorcey - Amiri Family The L. Stacey Greenwald Family Chris and Mavis Hillin Renae and Ken Hwang Andrea and Paul Joseph Therese Joslin Andrew and Frances Kallman Mikki and Steven Kane Melanie and Joe LaBracio Brian and Leah Lavin Wendy and Gary Leshgold Randy and Sonia Levy Ed and Mary Lewis Foundation Lynn Loeb and Dennis Wilson Greg Marusak and Doria Anselmo Theodora and Adam Merims David and Amy Montalba Deborah Nadel and Daniel Stern Maurizio Grimaldi and Mary Tanner Davis Guggenheim and Elisabeth Shue

Laila and Bobby Bowden Wendy and Jeff Broudy Allan and Kelly Brown

200+ 800+ internship sites collective internship hours served this year

Morgan Brown ‘11 The Chanin Family Rich Costey and Kathryn Alverson Nicole and James DeJulio The DeMaio Family Jesse Diamond and Sheryl Lee Elaine Didyk and Chris Wilcha The Emhoff - Harris Family Renee Flekman

Craig and Deborah Harwin Eric and Laura Heimbold

Camilla Hjerl and Henrik Hansen Simon Horsman and Anna Prada Merri Howard and Merrill Shindler

Wildwood School PAGE 22/23 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 count on us

2016-2017 Donors continued

Dena and Michael Kaplan Michael Katz and Holly Middlekauff Tonje Kristiansen and Ole Sanders Adam and Alexandra Lewinson Holly and Jeffrey Lieber Jaclyn Lieber and Jay Blumenfield Nikki and Doug Mark Brian and Julia Mitchell Sarah Morse and Glen Mazzara Kevin and Elizabeth Parry Kelly and Dawn Perdew The Perelman Family Rubencio Quintana and Glenda Martinez The Reif Family Sheri Porath Rockwell and Marshall Rockwell Jill Rosenberg Erin and Steve Rottman Volker and Birgit Schauz Robin Schorr and Brian Flaherty The Seidel Family Crawford and Katharine Shippey Ti and Steve Sitkoff Elizabeth W. Snyder Jerry and Dana Solomon Jody and Sam Stein Andrea and Brad Storms Peter Stoughton and Emily Hertzberg Frank Strick Foundation Gregory and Marika Sung Kelly and Doug Tower Tara Turner and Bryan Smith Erin Sullivan Ward and Chris Ward Mark and Nicole Wenneker Friends ($1,500 to $2,999) Anonymous (12) Hirsch and Judith Adell Trevor and Lindsay Albert Aaron and Lauren Applebaum Betty Bales and Dinos Vlahopoulos Jolie Barnett Whitesell and John Whitesell Mitch and Caroline Bassett Susan and Kirk Baxter

Anna and Brandon Becker The Bettor Family The Burke Family Adri and Bob Butler The Campbell Family Tony and Anne Campodonico Cristina and Scott Carlis Scott and Jennifer Cohen Kevin Cooper and Amy Harkness Nick and Annie Copus Matt Corman and Dawn Urbont Kate Corrigan Lee and Grady Lee Jason and Heidi Damata Julie Delpy Stacy and Scott Ezra The Fireks Christine and Josh Friedman Jay ‘82 and Gigi Goodfader Suzanna and David Grant Patti and Lew Halpert Blakely and Joe Hamilton The Hawley Family Brad Hennegan and Mimi Shin Andy Hsu and Swagata Mandal E. and J. Huang Kim Jacobs and Alain Briere Norm Jacobson Sandy Jacobson and Paul Fischer Ted and Erika Johnson Farideh Knapp and Ebrahim Azar

47% of faculty and staff have advanced degrees

Laura and T.K. Knowles Caroline and Matt Kunitz Ricki Lake The Lewis - Yaffee Family Jerri Loeb

Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan Lynn and Michael London The Lutsky Family Richard Marks and Merri Lee Marks Loree McBride and Brent Spiner Sandra McClean Donna and Ted Miller Jeffrey Mirvis Laura Moskowitz and David Strick

Andrew and Stephanie Murdock Chris Nee and Lisa Udelson Viktoria Obersovszey-Szeghy and Alan Szeghy The Payne Family Maria Pepin Andrew Plotkin and Laurie Arent Mischa and Michaela Reis Don Rice and Christine DeMaio The Sarioz Family Holly Sklar and Michael Berman Lisa and Jeff Smith Caroline and Matt Smukler David and Alexandra Sowell Susan Stockton and Chris Walther Marc Streitenfeld Wendy and Jeremy Strick David and Mine Struhl The Tal Family Andrea and Maurizio Vecchione The Vitale Family Peter and Angie Wang Walter Weber and Teri Kopp Kent and Alexandra Weed David and Katherine Willing Richard and Rosemarie Witten Courtney and Jared Wolff Phoebe Yee and Craig Nakano Dan Zaharoni Laurie Zerwer and Andrew Orenstein Holly Schiffer Zucker and Jeffrey Alan Zucker Community (up to $1,499) Anonymous (80) Nabil Abu-Assal and Coco Owen Rachel Abramowitz and Josh Goldin Richard and Jane Abrams John and Gayla Agoglia Saman Ahmadpour and Elizabeth Yazdany Philip and Terri Aidikoff Meredith and Jesse Alexander Armando Amaya and Dalila Castillo Robert Anselmo

Dave and Cynthia Ardell Valentin Arevalo and Teresita Santiago Cindy Aronberg Barbara and Jan Atlas Judy Avery Barbara Avishay and Stephen Strocker Patricia Baez Jackie and Howard Banchik The Barish and Chamberlin Family Jenna Barnet and Stephen Butler Pamela Barnet Natalie Barnett Sheila and Edward Barrett Steve Barrett and Jody Becker Constance Bartosh Susan and Randy Bassett Geoffrey Baumann and Auree Lepage Jo Anne Bell Melanie and Peter Benefiel Kate Bergquist Carol and Bernard Berklich

Ken Burke The Campodonico Family Simone and Azri Capelouto Eugenia de Cardoso Marcia Kopp Capparela Douglas and Aida Carlson Karen Carlson Lexy and John Carroll Christie and Eric Carter Steve and Rhea Carter Camden and Jay Cassidy Sophie Cassidy ‘95 Jean and Charles Chapin Aroon Chinai Hayley and Jesse Clapham Tony and Katherine Coghlan

Helene Dubow Adam Dumper and Ivette Osorio Robert and Janet Dumper Jan M. Elbaum The Eskin - Burke Family Leslie and Joan Esposito Barbara Fain and Madison Fain Rootenberg '07 The Famuyiwa Family Jeanne and Daniel Fauci Robert Ferenc The Ferrer Family Jordanna Fineberg and Kevin Reese Barb Jacobs Fistanic and Pete Fistanic Andrew and Eva Fogg Kai Fontana’s Family Carole and Barry Forman Lewis Forsheit The Foster Family Laurie Fox and Susan Grinsfelder Mr. and Mrs. Griffith W. Foxley Phyllis Frank Denise and Michael Freed Felice and Roger Freeman Christine and Jason Friedman Ira and Abby Friedman Zoe Friedman and Steve Peckingham Richard and Susan Fybel The Gabriel - Hofmann Family Shawn and Erin Gehle Thalia and Marty Gelbard The Georgi - Goodman Family Ingrid and Eric Gewirtz Sara Gilbert Michael and Silvia Gleaton Jennifer Glickman Cindy Gold and Kevin Chapman Sarah Minot Gold Kevin Fistanic ‘15 Nick Fistanic ‘13 Manny and Marilyn Flekman

Bobby and Kate Cohen Marc and Tamy Cohen Dr. Paul and Cyna Cohen Elana Cohen-Roth and Jack Roth Charles A. Cohn and Adria Mednitsky Cathleen Collins Jessica and Scott Collins Marie Collins Deana Concilio-Lenz and Christopher Lenz In memory of Judy Corman Myrna E. Corpeny Sandi and Russ Crozier Tom Danch and Linda Nigh Jassi Danesch and Kourosh Khajavi Michelle Danner Stephanie Fybel Darby Amy and Rich Davis Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris John De Wig Shahram Dehghani and Aramesh Delnavaz Barbara Desantis Lynne and Jimmy DeWitt

Elaine Berman Susan Berman Emilie A. Bernstein Oliver and Mary Biddle

Marcia and Charles Bieber Anna and Jeff Biederman Drs. David and Susan Birney Drs. Michael and Susan Blumenfield Jessica Bofshever ‘97 and Justin Herber

Anna and David Boucher Mr. and Mrs. David Boucher Susan Haas Bralove Heidi Brant and Shane Valentino Piers Brecher ‘12 Emily and David Briggs Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Brohm Clare Bronowski and Jeff Lee The Brown Family Kyndall and Karen Brown Robyn Brown Debra and William Brunsten Lynn Brusky Dawn Buch

Apolonio and Ana Diaz Philip DiGiacomo ‘07 The Dinerstein Family

Nancy Doyne and Bill Teitler Julie Dretzin and Sam Catlin Gladys C. Dubin

Mark and Ann Goldblatt Jill and Joseph Goldstein Pablo and Rosie Gonzalez

2016-2017 Donors continued

Wildwood School PAGE 24/25 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017

Samantha Goodman and Rick Barragan Curtis Graham Robert Grebler and Melina Miyoshi Kate Greenberg ‘93 Joel and Marion Greenspan David Grey Ella Grossman Molly Gruber ‘09 Rachel ‘90 and Gary Gutkin Tisa and Glenn Habas Barbara Hadley and John Burke Karen Jones Hadley and Mark Hadley The Haefelfinger - Kelly Family Leslie A. Hakala Dana Halsted and Patrick McGurk

Courtney Joe Edna and Kamton Joe David and Chloë Jones The Kaman Family Jennie and Arjun Kampani Lewis and Sandra Kanengiser Vickie and Stuart Karten Ben Katz ‘14 Lewis and JoAnn Kay Cynthia and Anthony Kaye Nicholas Kazan and Robin Swicord Darcy and David Kessler Siri Simran Khalsa Suzanne and Max Kisbye Paul Kleiman and Kiki Ryan Iris Klein Stefanie Klein and Bob Glouberman Thomas Knowles Sr. Julie and Ramin Kolahi Seth Kurland Richard Lanet and Joan Williamson Dr. and Mrs. John N. Langfitt Bobbe and Don Le Blanc Tumani and Felix Leatherwood Doreen and Bruce Leddy Jennifer Leitzes and Jon Hoeber Jerry and Carole LeVine Josh and Katherine Levine Ariel Levy and Melanie Baines June and David Lewin Mr. and Mrs. I.M. Lewinson Marvin and Rhoda Lewis Shirley Loeb Marian Lofgren, Ph.D. The Lorman Family Daniel and Luellen Lucid Leah Lucid ‘00 Jean L. Lennon Elizabeth Lester

Elizabeth Marfori The Marks-Durston Family Monique Marshall and Demille Halliburton Chelsey Martin and David Wood Teresa and Javier Martin Del Campo Jamie Marx and Jordan Atlas Edith R. Matthai Megan McConnell and Jan Stevens Maryellen and Michael McCormick Elaine P. McDaniel Dan McGurk Asunciona Mendez and Bulmaro Hernandez The Messina Family Ellen Meyer Marylyn Zax Miller Sylvia and Marty Mintzer Gordon Molko Ronit Molko-Harpaz Gita Morena Cyrus and Roya Mostofi Miriam Mostow

Dr. Barbara K. Polland Tracy and Steve Pollard Colleen and Joseph Pundyk Brian Reason and Shannon Michelle Charles Reilly and Mary Beebe Lucas Reiner and Maud Winchester Jem and Persephone Renaud Hewitt and Virgita Reneau Roberta and Michael Rey Jeremy Reynolds and Colleen Conway Maggie Ribeiro Rebecca Rickman and Kenneth Brecher Katie and Gerald Rios Roxsanne Robertson Jennine Rodriguez and Scott Hevesy Francesca Rollins and Neil Wilson The Rosas Family Mary Ann Rose and Heinz Kern Emmett Noah Rosenbaum ‘13 Alexandra Rosenberg ‘11 John Ruble and Cecily Young Graciela Ruiz and Juan Carlos Morales Rosemary Sackett Patrick and Catherine de Saint-Aignan

Liz and Gino Hanrahan Dylan James Hardy ‘13 James and Maria Hardy Greg Harmon ‘96 Jodi Harris Milan and Colette Hassid Claudia and Paul Hatter Gilbert and Anne Hatter Hope Haves

Hasan Muhammad Judy and Jay Nadel

Jesse and Stephen Nathan Susan and Phillip Neiman Jay Nelson and Christie Cash Gregory and Renée Newmark Thomas and Julie Newton William Blake Nickel and Fanny Kim Emmanuel and Obie Nwabuzor The Ogoke Family Hiram and Joan Ohta Leah Ohta

Stephanie and Marc Hayutin Laurence and Linda Hennelly Catalina Hernández Eva Hernandez and Juan Delgado Beth and Stephen Hess The Hess - Levitt Family Elliot Hinds and Karriann Farrell Hinds Carolyn and Mack Holmes May and James Houghton James and Susan Huang Laura Hubber and Richard Bangs Corey Humphrey ‘05 J. Michael and Suzanne Humphrey Brian and Sandra Hutchinson Scott and Kristen Hutchinson Hagai Izraeli and Family Heather and Greg Jacobs Kevin Jarvis and Katherine Ruppe

The Salazar Family Christie C. Salomon Gina Santoro

Marc and Laurie Sasson Allison and Kirk Schenck Adam Schneir Carol Schwartz and Rob Ramsey David and Frances Schwartz Steve Schwartz and Melissa Appelbaum-Schwartz Jenni and Tom Scott

Myrna L. Olsen Carolyn Omine Kerri O’Neill

Taylor and Suzanne Scott Martin and Sheila Seaton Rachel and Joshua Shader Jim and Paula Sheftel

Chris and Alison Pappas Clay and Kathy Parker The Pashkow Family Umesh and Reena Pathak Ben Paul The Pearlstein Family Abby and Steve Perelman Sara Perets

Michael Lucid ‘90 Jacob Magnin ‘14 Kim and Randy Magnin The Maheia Family David and Lisa Manheim

The Shen Family Felita Wong Shen Sharon and Boris Shimanovsky Michelle Shulman Loretta Siciliano and Scott Silverman

Alix Lee Joe ‘11 Candice Joe ‘98

Judy and Earle Silber Patrick and Ivonne Silver David and Libby Silverman Jane Silverman Sarah and Joel Simon

Pat Wheeler Linda Whitlock and Marc Cumsky Sally Willcox and Daniel Ross William H. Willcox Les Williams Susan L. Williams and Steven Poster Alisson Witten Sherry Woodworth and Erik Story Sergei Yershov and Olga Romanov Charles C. Yoo Tomoko Yoshioka Brian and Binti Yost Debra Mostow Zakarin and Scott Zakarin Harriet Zaretsky The Zonnas Family

George and Jan Skopecek Frank and Frances Smiley Jeremy Smith and Helen Hwang Leah Smith

Patty and Louis Snitzer Sally and Hans Solmssen Jan Stallings Vivian Stanton Meredith and Chuck Stephenson Laurie Stern and Jim Davis Jon and Sue Stiklorius Lindsey and David Strasberg Lori Strauss and Steve Hummel Deborah K. Streiber Milo Sussman ‘15 Minnie and Edward Takahashi The Teitelbaum Family Herman and Mary Teitelbaum Michael Tenglin Randall and Jill Thomas Gary Scott Thompson and Dori Jacobs Sabrina Tom and Apur Shah Melinda A. Tsapatsaris and Andy Powell Chandler Turk Mark and Patricia Turosz David L. Ulin and Rae Dubow Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Julie Uslan Lulu Valentino Alberto and Stacy Valner Harry Valner ‘16

100 colleges and universities visited wildwood in 2016-2017

Morgan Vaughn ‘14 Parker Vaughn ‘15

Patty Vaughn Suzy Vernoff Nancy and Michael Wainman Terry and Darin Walters Kara and Ben Weber Joanne and Aj Weidhaas Katherine and Steve Weinstock

faculty and staff

Wildwood School PAGE 26/27 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 Anonymous (23) Amy B. Abrams Jennifer Arnold Patricia Baez Melissa Bales Alan Ball Gladys Barbieri Annie Barnes Steve Barrett Erik Barrios Maria Beistegui Melanie Benefiel Roxanne Bergmans Francesca Bill Anna Boucher Katie Boye Alicia Breakey Drew Brody Charlie Burgin ‘07 Nicole Buzzelli Oscar Campos Rasheda Carroll Christie Carter José Chavarria Deb Christenson Susan Chung Pat Colley

Alex Cussen Sean Daniels Herach Danlyan Stephanie Fybel Darby Itai Disraeli Alberto Duarte William DuMone Tiffany Duplessis-Barmore Kendra Elstad ‘95 Daniel Estes Sharon Fagen Joshua Fawcett Michelle Flores Laura Forsythe Michael Fujikawa ‘95 Ben Fussiner The Gabriel - Hofmann Family

Catalina Hernández Claudio Hernández Grace Hwang Sarah Insel Hagai Izraeli and Family Emma Katznelson

Rachel Paul Maria Pizano Holli Plummer Craig Polin Orlando Portillo Jody Poulos Courtney Ranaudo Erin Reid

Kudos to our amazing faculty and staff for two decades of 100% Annual Giving participation!

Doreen Kaye Janet Keller Shahrzad Khonsari Lili Kim

Mateo Reyes Aimee Richer Gerald Rios Katie Rios Maria Saldivar Will Schaer Amanda Scharf Tim Sekula Alex Sheftel ‘10 Michelle Simon Sarah Simon

Mallory Konell Becca Larson

Randy Lastrapes Grace Lazzarini Pavel Lieb Samuel Lopez Loli Marshall Monique Marshall Louise McCune Philip McFarland Chris McKenna Michelle Meena Zachary W. Menzer

Desiree Gaitan Danielle Glass

Adriana Gonzalez Claudia Gonzalez Timothy Gonzalez ‘10 Linda Gordon Seth Gordon Daniel Gotz Landis Green Sharon Greene The Grellert Family Susan Grieder Travis Guba Mark Gutierrez Ruth Gutierrez Tisa Habas Tassie Hadlock-Piltz Claudia Hatter Becca Hedgepath

Don Smith Cory Speer Meredith Stephenson Lori Strauss Keyonna Taylor Chay Thaopaset Leslie Troy Melinda A. Tsapatsaris Sherry Varon Paul Waked Ashley Webster Debbie Weissman The Wise Family Collette Bowers Zinn

Gina Merrill Doug Meyer Julisa Miles Leah Mineo

100% of faculty & staff receive professional development

Sandra Mineo-Rust Hasan Muhammad Natasha Neufeld Alli Newell Megen O’Keefe Mary O’Malley Angelica Oropeza

Jessica Collins Sandi Crozier Pilar Cuervo Allie Curry

Julie Paletta Darren Pasco

Our robust professional development program affords faculty myriad opportunities to grow their educational practice and bring new inspiration into the classroom.

2016-2017 faculty/staff professional development 125+ workshops and conferences attended



Wildwood School PAGE 28/29 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 count on us


Ella Grossman ‘16 Molly Gruber ‘09 Rachel Gutkin ‘90 Dylan James Hardy ‘13 Greg Harmon ‘96 Corey Humphrey ‘05 Alix Lee Joe ‘11 Candice Joe ‘98 Sebastian Jones ‘16 Ben Katz ‘14

Support from alumni is the hallmark of a strong school. Once a Wolf, always a Wolf.

Anonymous ‘87 Anonymous ‘07 Anonymous ‘11 Nell Beckerman ‘85 Jessica Bofshever ‘97

Piers Brecher ‘12 Morgan Brown ‘11 Alumni Association President

Owen Leddy ‘15 Leah Lucid ‘00

Charlie Burgin ‘07 Sophie Cassidy ‘95 Elisa Crispi ‘87 Philip DiGiacomo ‘07 Kendra Elstad ‘95 Duncan Ende ‘97 Kevin Fistanic ‘15 Nick Fistanic ‘13 Zoe Foxley ‘91 Michael Fujikawa ‘95 Timothy Gonzalez ‘10 Jay Goodfader ‘82 Zachary Grant ‘11 Kate Greenberg ‘93

Michael Lucid ‘90 Jacob Magnin ‘14 Georgia Panitch ‘16 Loren Philip Emmett Noah Rosenbaum ‘13 Alexandra Rosenberg ‘11 Alex Sheftel ‘10

Milo Sussman ‘15 Chandler Turk ‘14 Lulu Valentino ‘16 Harry Valner ‘16 Morgan Vaughn ‘14 Parker Vaughn ‘15

1,050 alumni total

parents of alumni

Camden and Jay Cassidy Sarah Cassidy ‘94 Sophie Cassidy ‘95 Tony and Katherine Coghlan Maddy Coghlan ‘14 Jack Coghlan ‘19 Cathleen Collins Maggy Rogow ‘06 Glynis Costin and Art Streiber

Barb Jacobs Fistanic and Pete Fistanic Nick Fistanic ‘13 Kevin Fistanic ‘15 Renee Flekman

James and Maria Hardy Dylan Hardy ‘13 Hope Haves Tessa Westfall ‘14 The Hawley Family Zander Hawley ‘15 Violet Hawley ‘18 Mira Hawley ‘21 Beckett Hawley ‘26 Becca and Greg Hedgepath Rachel Hedgepath ‘13 Catalina Hernández Maya Hernandez ‘15 The Hess - Levitt Family • •

Gifts from alumni families show continued loyalty to the community they helped build. We are grateful.

Shaan Baren ‘11 Jessie Baren ‘14 Dara Baren ‘19

Anonymous (8) Trevor and Lindsay Albert

Avery Albert ‘14 Quinn Albert ‘17 Jill Baldauf and Steve Grossman Ella Grossman ‘16 Melissa Weber Bales and Michael V. Bales Davey Bales ‘11 Sarah Bales ‘14 Cynthia and Alan Berkshire Emily Berkshire ‘10 Vera Berkshire ‘12 Grant Berkshire ‘14 Nora Berkshire ‘17 Diane and Jim Berliner David Berliner ‘99 Celia Bernstein and Bradley Kesden Lena Kesden ‘13 Heidi Brant and Shane Valentino Lulu Valentino ‘16 Clare Bronowski and Jeff Lee •

Phyllis Frank

Amy Kassowitz ‘11 Liseanne and Peter Frankfurt Sacha Frankfurt ‘16 Ines Frankfurt ‘18 Jean and John Friedman Sam Friedman ‘96 Julie Friedman ‘05 Charlotte Friedman ‘07 The Gabriel - Hofmann Family

Siena Streiber ‘14 Kayla Streiber ‘17 Corinna Cotsen and Lee Rosenbaum Chiara Rosenbaum ‘11 Emmett Rosenbaum ‘13 Anthea Rosenbaum ‘16 Sandi and Russ Crozier Blair Crozier ‘07 Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

Eloise Hess ‘13 Tobie Hess ‘18 J. Michael and Suzanne Humphrey Corey Humphrey ‘05 Heather and Greg Jacobs Gabe Jacobs ‘14 Declan Jacobs ‘16 Jolie and Jon Jashni Jake Jashni ‘13 Juliet Jashni ‘18 Edna and Kamton Joe Candice Joe ‘98 Courtney Joe Alix Joe ‘11 David and Chloë Jones Sebastian Jones ‘16 Lewis and Sandra Kanengiser Joe Kanengiser ‘04 Gabe Kanengiser ‘10 Vickie and Stuart Karten Rachel Karten ‘09 Michael Katz and Holly Middlekauff Ben Katz ‘14 Haley Katz ‘17 Nicholas Kazan and Robin Swicord Zoe Kazan ‘95 Maya Kazan ‘99 Siri Simran Khalsa Nanak Nihal Khalsa ‘16 • • • • • •

Dylan Hofmann ‘16 Lucy Hofmann ‘19 Cindy Gold and Kevin Chapman Andrew Gold ‘07 Olivia Gold ‘09 Ian Gold ‘12 Maddy Gold ‘15 Sarah Minot Gold Asia Gold ‘15 Mark and Ann Goldblatt Max Goldblatt ‘95 Adriana Gonzalez Tim Gonzalez ‘10 Curtis Graham Eli Graham ‘09 Haley Graham ‘12 Shelley Grant Zach Grant ‘11 Davis Guggenheim and Elisabeth Shue • •

Augusta Dayton ‘11 James Dayton ‘14 Everett Dayton ‘14

Barbara DeSantis

Francesco Wengrod ‘16 Lynne and Jimmy DeWitt Liza DeWitt ‘09 Itai Disraeli Shere Disraeli ‘09 Nancy Doyne and Bill Teitler Lucy Teitler ‘95 The Emhoff - Harris Family •

Tessa Lee ‘12 Abby Lee ‘15 Wendy and Jeff Broudy Julia Broudy ‘16 Reid Broudy ‘19 Allan and Kelly Brown Morgan Brown ‘11 Debra and William Brunsten Emily Brunsten ‘06 Dawn Buch Amanda Buch ‘12 Marcia Kopp Capparela Tehya Kopp ‘80 Jason and Karen Carbone • •

Cole Emhoff ‘13 Ella Emhoff ‘17 Karen and Eric Ende Duncan Ende ‘97 Barbara Fain •

Madison Rootenberg ‘07 Jeanne and Daniel Fauci Tai Fauci ‘93 Francesca Fauci ‘07 Robert Ferenc Adrian Ferenc ‘04 Jay and Traci Ferguson Spencer Ferguson ‘06 Carter Ferguson ‘22 • •

Miles Guggenheim ‘16 Stella Guggenheim ‘19 Agnes Guggenheim ‘25 Fred and Tassie Hadlock-Piltz Gabby Hadlock-Piltz ‘05 Patti and Lew Halpert •

Olivia Carbone ‘16 Teddy Carbone ‘18 Lexy and John Carroll Melanie Carroll ‘09

Max Halpert ‘09 Jack Halpert ‘14

three consecutive years of contribution to Annual Giving and/or Endowment

parents of alumni continued

Wildwood School PAGE 30/31 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 Edith R. Matthai

Paul Kleiman and Kiki Ryan Rafi Kleiman ‘13 Xander Kleiman ‘17 Iris Klein Ivy Klein ‘11 Ricki Lake Milo Sussman ‘15 Owen Sussman ‘19 Tumani and Felix Leatherwood Raqui Leatherwood ‘05 Doreen and Bruce Leddy Owen Leddy ‘15 Charlotte Leddy ‘18 Leslie Leitner Marshall Hanig ‘15 Ariel Levy and Melanie Baines

Laura Moskowitz and David Strick Gabriel Strick ‘10 Jennifer Nottoli and Curt Johnson

Loretta Siciliano and Scott Silverman Rachel Gutkin ‘90 Jacob Silverman ‘96 Susan Stockton and Chris Walther Rollin Walther ‘16 Gary Scott Thompson and Dori Jacobs Dashel Thompson ‘11 Somerset Thompson ‘14 David L. Ulin and Rae Dubow Noah Ulin ‘13 Sophie Ulin ‘17 Alberto and Stacy Valner Harry Valner ‘16 Patty Vaughn and Jim Vaughn Dorian Armenta ‘14 Aliyah Armenta ‘19 Nancy and Michael Wainman Elliot Wainman ‘08 Terry and Darin Walters Parker Cain ‘08 Oliver Walters ‘20 Shana Weiss and John Silva Jesse Silva ‘16 Pat Wheeler Gabe Feldinger ‘16 Jolie Barnett Whitesell and John Whitesel l Ben Whitesell ‘11 Juliette Whitesell ‘19 Susan L. Williams and Steven Poster Rachel Williams-Feuerstein ‘06 Debra Mostow Zakarin and Scott Zakarin 0 Morgan Vaughn ‘14 Parker Vaughn ‘15 Suzy Vernoff

Etney Johnson ‘15 Avery Johnson ‘17 Kristen and Sanford Panitch

Georgia Panitch ‘16 Tucker Panitch ‘19 Cynthia Patton and Patrick Robison Sarah Robison ‘14 Segev and Sara Perets Freddie Randall ‘16 Tuvia Perets ‘26 Lyle Poncher and Lisi Rona


Amy Poncher ‘97 Zach Poncher ‘11 Jody and Jim Poulos Sophia Poulos ‘10


Matt Levy ‘04 Bella Levy ‘13 The Lorman Family

Kate Poulos ‘11 Bella Poulos ‘14 Colleen and Joseph Pundyk Jake Pundyk ‘98 Roberta and Michael Rey

Kimmi Lorman ‘09 Shelby Lorman ‘11 Daniel and Luellen Lucid Michael Lucid ‘90 Leah Lucid ‘00 Kim and Randy Magnin Jacob Magnin ‘14 Elizabeth Marfori

Analia Rey ‘13 Elena Rey ‘17 Rebecca Rickman and Kenneth Brecher Piers Brecher ‘12 John Ruble and Cecily Young Jordan Ruble ‘94 Julian Ruble ‘17 Gina Santoro Vanessa Achoy ‘15 Nina Achoy ‘18 Bianca Achoy ‘25 Macie and Jay Scherick

Kaila Marfori ‘13 Noah Marfori ‘17

Leigh Robie ‘98 Megan McConnell and Jan Stevens Julia Stevens ‘13 Daniel and Julisa Miles Daniel Miles ‘11 Samantha Miles ‘15 Jeffrey Mirvis Emilie Mirvis ‘10 Carley Mirvis ‘12 Sidney Mirvis ‘16 Sarah Morse and Glen Mazzara Liam Mazzara ‘14

Oliver Scherick ‘14 Isabelle Scherick ‘21 Carol Schwartz and Rob Ramsey

Caleb Zakarin ‘16 Maci Zakarin ‘18

Anna Ramsey ‘15 Elliot Ramsey ‘20 Jim and Paula Sheftel Alex Sheftel ‘10 Rachel Sheftel ‘13

Harriet Zaretsky

Taylor Henry ‘10

Malcolm Mazzara ‘18 Auggie Mazzara ‘22


Carol and Bernard Berklich Will Weber ‘23 Gus Weber ‘27 Elaine Berman Tommy Berman ‘20 Susan Berman Samantha Berman ‘23 Oliver and Mary Biddle

A heartfelt "thank you" to the many grandparents who invest in their grandchildren's education.

Anonymous (4) Richard and Jane Abrams

Sarah Senator ‘21 Judah Senator ‘28 Hirsch and Judith Adell Ferdi Adell ‘18 Nathaniel Adell ‘22 Philip and Terri Aidikoff Emmett Reiner ‘21 Robert Anselmo Jake Marusak ‘29 Dave and Cynthia Ardell Noah Ardell ‘21 Matthew Ardell ‘25 Barbara and Jan Atlas Harper Atlas ‘29 Judy Avery Lilah Newkirk ‘24 Barbara Avishay and Stephen Strocker Asher Avishay ‘28 Jackie and Howard Banchik

Odessa Reilly ‘23 Ogden Reilly ‘27 Marcia and Charles Bieber Ryder McDaniel ‘19 David and Susan Birney Grant Bigalow ‘26 Lila Bigalow ‘26 Drs. Michael and Susan Blumenfield Lucy Blumenfield ‘19 Leo Blumenfield ‘22 Mr. and Mrs. David Boucher Ailsa Boucher ‘21 Susan and Steve Bralove Annabelle Parsky ‘23 Izzy Parsky ‘25 Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Brohm Mack Hanrahan ‘27 Lynn Brusky Ione McGuigan ‘29 Robert and Sheryl Burleson

Ryan Banchik ‘20 Jadyn Banchik ‘26

Pamela Barnet Cy Butler ‘27 Zoe Butler ‘29 Natalie Barnett

Katie Kramer ‘19 Ella Kramer ‘22 Adri and Bob Butler

Total flexible tuition dollars budgeted in 2016-2017:

Juliette Whitesell ‘19 Sheila and Edward Barrett Jamie Barrett ‘23 Constance Bartosh Cece Bergquist ‘23 Haiden Bergquist ‘23 Susan and Randy Bassett Charlotte Bassett ‘28 Jo Anne Bell Fiona Bell ‘19 Kate Bergquist Cece Bergquist ‘23 Haiden Bergquist ‘23

Liam Butler-Schafer ‘19 Rainer Butler-Schafer ‘23 Tony and Anne Campodonico Deia Campodonico ‘27 Eugenia de Cardoso Tilo Reneau-Cardoso ‘21 Douglas and Aida Carlson Esme Carlson ‘24 Pia Carlson ‘27 Karen Carlson

Jack Solmssen ‘24 Ridley Solmssen ‘24

three consecutive years of contribution to Annual Giving and/or Endowment

grandparents continued

Wildwood School PAGE 32/33 REPORT on GENEROSITY 2016-2017 Gladys C. Dubin Helene Dubow Noah Ulin ‘13

Steve and Rhea Carter Ethan Carter ‘23 Logan Carter ‘26 Jean and Charles Chapin

Manny and Marilyn Flekman Shaan Baren ‘11 Jessie Baren ‘14 Dara Baren ‘19 Carole and Barry Forman Ella Seidel ‘24 Mr. and Mrs. Griffith W. Foxley Hazel Foxley ‘29 Felice and Roger Freeman Tommy Mark ‘23 Ira and Abby Friedman Gabriel Friedman ‘26 Richard and Susan Fybel Olivia Darby ‘25 Jonah Darby ‘29 Thalia and Marty Gelbard Lucy Dinerstein ‘29 Jill and Joseph Goldstein William Lewis ‘17 Joel and Marion Greenspan Justine Kaplan ‘29 Barbara Hadley and John Burke India Reinhardt ‘21 Miles Reinhardt ‘23 Gilbert and Anne Hatter Cruz Hatter ‘29 Stephanie and Marc Hayutin Elena Montes ‘20 Chloe Contreras ‘26 Laurence and Linda Hennelly

James and Susan Huang Natalie Huang ‘25 Norman Jacobson Josie Bleakley ‘19 William Bleakley ‘25 Sandy Jacobson and Paul Fischer Josie Bleakley ‘19 William Bleakley ‘25 Lewis and JoAnn Kay Lilli Kay ‘13 Cynthia and Anthony Kaye Neil Kaye ‘24 Thomas Knowles Sr. Genevieve Dunning ‘17 Tiger Knowles ‘25 Dr. and Mrs. John N. Langfitt Aidan Stern ‘19 Bobbe and Don Le Blanc Leo Le Blanc ‘26 Josephine Le Blanc ‘28 Jean L. Lennon Olivia Joslin ‘20 Elizabeth Lester Henryowen Miyoshi.Grebler ‘25 Jerry and Carole LeVine Jagger Levine ‘29 June and David Lewin

Elaine P. McDaniel

Ryder McDaniel ‘19

Dan McGurk

Evan McGurk ‘24

Lela Scully ‘18 Wing Scully ‘25 Dr. Paul and Cyna Cohen Jem Renaud ‘27 Elana Cohen-Roth and Jack Roth Sadie Cohen ‘24 Willow Cohen ‘28 Charles A. Cohn and Adria Mednitsky Charlie Cohn ‘26 Marie Collins Brendan Collins ‘25 Casey Collins ‘28 Celeste B. Cooper Emma Parry ‘22 In memory of Judy Corman James Corman ‘27 Sebastian Corman ‘29 Myrna E. Corpeny Jude Mayer ‘20 Tom Danch and Linda Nigh Isa Londono ‘22 Carl Deutsch

Ellen Meyer

Ruby Maguire ‘25 Otis Maguire ‘27 Donna and Ted Miller Zac Davis ‘26 Marylyn Zax Miller Zac Davis ‘26 Sylvia and Marty Mintzer Jackson Spiner ‘20 Gita Morena Oz Morena ‘28 Miriam Mostow Caleb Zakarin ‘16 Maci Zakarin ‘18 Judy and Jay Nadel Ben Stern ‘18 Jesse and Stephen Nathan Lucas Nathan ‘08 Milo Loeb ‘29 Susan and Phillip Neiman Rose Rogers ‘18 Thomas and Julie Newton Tomás Newton ‘29 Hiram and Joan Ohta Simon Katz ‘21 Myrna L. Olsen Sam Snyder ‘24 Charlie Snyder ‘27 Henry Snyder ‘29 Clay and Kathy Parker Parker Lee ‘25 Abby and Steve Perelman Jackson Perelman ‘25 Will Perelman ‘27 Charles Reilly and Mary Beebe Odessa Reilly ‘23 Ogden Reilly ‘27 Mary Ann Rose and Heinz Kern Maxwell Orenstein ‘20 Harry Orenstein ‘24

Jesse Brand ‘20 Nathan Brand ‘21

Quincy Solomon ‘21 Jesse Solomon ‘23 Mr. and Mrs. I.M. Lewinson Amelia Lewinson ‘25 Marvin and Rhoda Lewis

Will Schneir ‘23 Annabel Schneir ‘25

Brendan Goldberg ‘26 Maggie Goldberg ‘29 Beth and Stephen Hess Eloise Hess ‘13 Tobie Hess ‘18 Donna and Tom Hillin Hudson Hillin ‘27 Carolyn and Mack Holme s Bryce Collis ‘25 Caroline Collis ‘26 Bennett Collis ‘28 May and James Houghton Gusty George ‘21

Zach Lewis ‘16 Violet Lewis ‘19

Sophie Ulin ‘17 Robert and Janet Dumper Ethan Dumper ‘27 Jan M. Elbaum Grayson Small ‘17 Hudson Small ‘22 Leslie and Joan Esposito

Jerri Loeb

Summer Wilson ‘17 Leo Wilson ‘20

Shirley Loeb

Milo Loeb ‘29 Marian Lofgren, Ph.D. Olivia Peart ‘28 Maryellen and Michael McCormick

Jesse Brand ‘20 Nathan Brand ‘21

Kiona McCormick ‘17 Colette McCormick ‘18

three consecutive years of contribution to Annual Giving and/or Endowment

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