2018 Technical Report January-February

technical report


refrigerating engineers & technicians association | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

Engineer Work During Off Season A presentation to the 1919 NAPRAE Convention by Norman Register, as edited by Matt Hayes (Wagner-Meinert LLC and Vern Sanderson (The Tex Hildebrand Training Center)

Introduction On December 4, 1919 Norman Register, then a director of the NAPRAE Board, presented a paper entitled “Engineering Work during off Season” to the assembled attendees of the National NAPRAE Convention. This article puts forth recommendations for work to be done by operating engineers during down or slow periods. This paper has been edited to utilize more modern English and to remove some references no longer valid. Engineer Work During Off Season Our worthy President (E.P. Fryant) said to me early this year (1919) that he had assigned a subject to me and that I was expected to read a paper at this convention (NAPRAE 1919), and this is the subject he gave me: “How Should an Engineer Spend His Off Season?”

Norman Register, “Father” of the National Association Practical Refrigerating Engineers

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