Alcalá View 1998 14.9

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Peace Breaks Out on June 12 U SD is primed to host its very own peace fest, all that's needed now are the guests. Employees, retirees, and

MFCDC Reunion Teachers at Manchester Family Child Development Center are preparing for the center's 10-year anniversary in 1999, and are looking for all former students. If your child attended the center at any time since its opening in June 1989, teachers ask you to call the center at ext. 4620. They are planning a num- ber of events, including a reunion, and would like to invite all students to return for the celebration . Free Parking? The Fresh Air Club, USD's alternative commuters group, will meet noon to 1 p.m, June 10, in UC220. All employees who bike, walk, train, bus or trolley to work (or want to be inspired to start) are invited. Several months of advocat- ing for a booklet of passes - allowing alternative com- muters to drive to campus a certain number of times each semester without buying a full permit - seems to be paying off. Parking committee mem- bers considered the idea at the May meeting and sug- gested commuters would be eligible for the booklets by registering with the Fresh Air Club. Greg Zackowski , a parking committee represen- tative, suggested the passes be free of charge to regis- tered commuters. Come share your thoughts and ideas on the booklets so we can take them back to the committee at its June 12 meeting. For more informa- tion , call Greg at ext. 4796 or Jill Wagner at ext. 2551 .

the ir friends and fami ly are invited to kick off the sum- mer at the 14th annual Employee Appreciation Picnic, noon to 3 p.m., June 12, on the lawn beh ind Copley Library. A tribute to the 1960s, the day will be fi lled with a barbecue lunch, cos tume contest, watermelon ea ting contest and homemade bread bake-off. In the spirit

The Team to Beat: University Ministry 's God Squad is defending cham/Jion in the annual President's T. E.A. Cu/J com/)etition .

The schedule of events follows (all times are approx imate ): • Noon, Picnic beg ins. • Noon to 2 p. m. , Lunch is served by Picnic People. • 12 :30 p.m., Welcome by Judith Munoz . • 12:35 p.m., Se rvice awards presented by Pres ident Alice B. Hayes. • 12:55 p.m., Administrator of the Year award presented by the S taff Employees Assoc iation . • 1 p.m., Manuel Hernandez Employee of the Year award presented by President Hayes . • 1:15 to 1:45 p.m., Pres ident's T.E.A. C up competition . • 3 p.m. , Picni c ends. Tables and chairs will be set up on the lawn, or picnic-goers are welcome to bring lawn cha irs and blankets. Tickets fo r the event are ava ilable at the Hahn Unive rsity Center box office through June 3. If you are interes ted in entering the "Bread fo r Dough" bake-off - yep, you guessed it, cash prizes will be award ed to the (Continued on /Jage four)

of the decade, guests can play a giant Twister game and take a photo nex t to the Love Bus, a wooden cutout of a wild ly- painted VW bus (it's a bring-your-own-cam- era affair) . O ne event, though , rema ins shro uded in my tery. Little is known about this year's competi tion between di visions, except that 12 members from each vice pres idential area will round out a team fo r the contest dubbed "Generation G ap." Spies have surmised that the event is something akin to an obstacle course. They also managed to overhear some of the play- full y named sections of the course , which include "Bridge Over Troubled Waters," "Truckin' Trykes," and "Lunar Sho t Device ." This wil l be the fourth running of the Pres ident's TE.A. (Team Effort Award) C up competition. Two divisions, finance and adm inistration and student affairs, have ye t to bring home a victory. The God Squad from university ministry are reigning champs.

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