The job of a search and rescue officer cov- ers many different areas. First, and more impor- tant than anything else, is a desire to help people. Helping people, though, requires some hard work. Searching Skills Search and rescue officers need to know how to navigate the wilderness. If they are on the move in difficult terrain, the last thing anyone needs is for the person searching for the lost to become lost themselves. A person who is already familiar with navigating in places far from “civilization” will have a big jump on becoming a search and rescue expert. In such remote locations, it might also be necessary to stay longer to continue the search. People in this job don’t mind camping out and are expert at making shelters, finding food or water, and creating safe campfires. They have to be tenacious . They can’t give up easily. Often their work will take them into dan- ger, and they will put themselves at risk. They need to be able to overcome their fears and get the job


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