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Skunk Smell on Pets Fast!

SkunkAway - 6/case SKU: 5600

OdorPet Consumer Pack SKU: 5406

OdorPet ® is a bio-active enzyme-based odor counter actant and cleaner. This patent pending formulation acts within min- utes to eliminate odors through its powerful odor counter ac- tant, and continues working as its intelligent bioactive spores produce enzymes to clean and remove the cause of odors and provide long term control. This environmentally safe pro- cess works by producing fat and starch-splitting enzymes that work on organic debris, reducing it to an odor-free solu- tion of CO 2 and water.

Active Chlorine Dioxide technology for removing Skunk Odors. This 2 part solution generates a Chlorine Dioxide solution capable of knocking out the tough-est of odors (Skunk Spray) in a safe and easy-to-use spray bottle application. Chlorine Diox- ide actually breaks down the offensive odor molecules of skunk spray, thereby eliminating the odor more effectively than any- thing else on the market today. Why simply mask Skunk odors when you can now break them down completely and eliminate them all together?

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