Maine has over 14,000 miles of snowmobile trails across the state. These trails wouldn’t be possible without the landowners. Landowners are the base and backbone of all recreational activities in Maine. 95% of all land in Maine is private. Landowners are the number one connection for all outdoor recreation sports including snowmobiling. The 280 plus snowmobile clubs across this state work long, hard hours getting landowner permission, clearing trails, putting up signs, and then grooming the trails once snow comes. This work is done by VOLUNTEERS who enjoy riding the trails and making sure they are safe for everyone to use. Respecting the landowner, no matter how big or small, should be the number one goal of anyone recreating on land in Maine. They own the land and are being gracious enough to allow snowmobile clubs to use their land. Establishing a good working relationship with the landowner from the beginning will go a long way with them. Snowmobile riders need to Ride Responsibly and Respect the Land you are on. Club volunteers have worked with the landowners to find where the trail can go and then mark it with signs to keep people safe and in the area the landowners want them to be on. Even though another place might look like a better area to ride in, there are reasons why the trail doesn’t go there. Under the snow where it looks better could be winter crops or blueberry lands planted, or small trees that are not showing. Riding over these areas could cause permanent damage to them and the landowner could experience financial loss resulting in the loss of the use of the whole area. May be down that ungroomed, unmarked road what you can’t see is a logging operation or a washed-out section that is not safe. There are many, many reasons for the trail to not go there. As responsible snowmobilers we need to respect the land and F OLLOW THE SIGNS and MARKED TRAILS . Club volunteers have put them there at landowner requests and hope we all obey them just as we do the signs and markers on the highways we use every day. Unlike those highways, trail locations can change yearly, and sometimes monthly or even weekly depending on conditions and landowner requests. This is when, we as responsible snowmobilers, need to watch for the changes and

follow the new route. Just because the trail was there the last time you rode, doesn’t mean you can go that way again.

Carry out all trash , including smoking refuse. Landowners should never be put in the position of cleaning up after the very people they have welcomed onto their land. Stay off plowed roads. Many snowmobile trails travel over lands managed for the forest products industry. It is prohibited to operate snowmobiles on the plowed roads. Even if fresh snow has fallen on a previously plowed road that does not mean it is permissible to snowmobile on the road. Trailers and vehicles cannot be left along the side of these plowed roads. The roads are used year round to move product in large trucks, which can take up the full width of the road. The illegal presence of snowmobiles endangers riders and the truck drivers trying to perform their job. Respect our wildlife. If you encounter a wild animal traveling the trail, keep your distance and wait for them to move on, or consider another route. Do not pursue, herd or otherwise harass wildlife. Snowmobiling in Maine is a family orientated sport that gets people outside and enjoying the wonders of Maine in winter. You can see wildlife walking the trails, beautiful scenery that is only visible in winter, and meet some of the best people from around the states and other countries all because generous landowners have given permission to snowmobile clubs to use their land. If we as snowmobilers ride responsibly and respect them, landowners will continue to support us and our sport. Otherwise, we could find ourselves wondering why we can no longer ride a certain trail or area, and it will be because the landowner(s) wishes were not followed and the trail has been closed. THANK YOU, LANDOWNERS, FOR ALLOWING US TO USE YOUR LAND!! WE APPRECIATE YOUR GENEROUSITY!



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