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Music and movement in early childhood

I ncorporating music and movement into early childhood education can help young children with development, social interaction and language growth. The early years of childhoodare an important time of learning and brain development for children in preparation for the rest of their education. Playing music and moving to a beat provides stimulating experiences for young children and fosters learning at home or in the classroom. Here at Dinky Di Learning Centres, the educators believe that incorporating music and movement into our weekly programs and in our daily routine is an important part of children’s learning and development. There are several different types of music and movement activities which we incorporate into early childhood education at Dinky Di. Teaching songs, such as the “ABCs” or “If You’re Happy and You Know It” while clapping or tapping along can teach rhythm. Songs that involve action and hand gestures that follow the music teach children not only the meaning of some new words but also to move and sing at the same time. Other types of activities for use in our centre include dancing with streamers or scarves, playing small musical instruments, singing songs in rounds, singing while cleaning up, marching to the beat or imitating animals. Not only can this be beneficial academically, but it also keeps children moving, which is good for their little bodies. Getting the children to sing also allows them an opportunity to practice their language skills as they are practising pronouncing words and putting together sentences. Learning lyrics to songs provides the children with a way of remembering information, such as ABC’s. It has been said that our brains remember language better when it is set to music, this is another reason why we encourage singing as much as we can. We believe that dancing is a great way for children to perfect the control of their arms and legs. They are combining their gross and fine motor movement and balance to achieve increasingly complex patterns of activity including dance, creative movement and drama.

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