Opioid Prevention Toolkit

OPIOID & HEROIN AWARENESS TOOLKIT A Prevention Guide for Families

“She was sober - and happy !”


My last relapse happened after I had been in inpatient treatment for seven weeks; during which I had signed adoption papers for my three year old daughter in hopes of her having a better life. I had my first home pass from the treatment facility on Thanksgiving Day, where I had gone to a recovery club, and visited my dad. I had a random thought that I should visit my daughter’s father to see how he’s doing, went, and within an hour was overdosing on heroin on his new girlfriend’s bathroom floor. I was baffled – I didn’t understand how this could have happened after seven weeks of intense help. About a week after my relapse I found myself homeless, in a 12 step meeting where I met a woman. She was sober - and happy! I talked to her after the meeting and she gave me my first assignment, to read a prayer. I told her I didn’t really understand it, but I was willing to do anything at this point. She explained it to me. I said the prayer, and craved more. I found a higher power, and realized I am loved more than any family member, drug, or boyfriend could ever be capable of. I realized that I needed to change not only my heroin addiction, but my entire perspective towards life. I learned how to let go of resentments, anger, and expectations. I learned how to love unconditionally- not by the example of my parents but by the example from my higher power and how we are so graciously loved. I learned that I needed to be changed internally in order to be changed externally. I submitted myself to a higher power, and sobriety followed. To this day I have never made it past a craving; it has been permanently lifted from me and for that, I am eternally grateful. Today I am 28 years old and have been sober for 4 ½ years. I am married to a wonderful man who I had met in a bible study. He grew up in a kind family and had never been exposed to any sort of substance addiction. We work together in different areas of helping others with their recovery; he has truly been a tremendous asset to the recovery community. I work as a Recovery

Coach in hopes of impacting many more lives and helping people find what works best for them in recovery. I am still a member of a 12 step program because although I know my higher power is keeping me sober, I deeply desire to continue to grow and to help others do the same. That same woman who gave me the prayer is still my mentor today, and I only hope to help someone even half as much as she has helped me. This is why I am sober; one healed heart reaching out to another. Love. — Stephanie

“This is why I am sober; one healed heart reaching out to another. Love.”



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