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San Diego, California - America's Finest City

San Diego is trul y "America's Finest Ci ty." A modern metropolis (second largest in Californi a) and a popul ar year-round resort , San Diego spreads from the coast to the desert, including cl iffs, mesas, hills, canyons and va lleys . San Diego also surrounds one of California's greatest natural harbors whi ch has been a dominant fac tor in determining the city's hi story, economy and development. Meteo ro log ists claim San Diego as the country's onl y area with perfect cl imate . This ideal year-round environment posts an average daytime temperature of70 degrees, with an annual rainfall average of less than 10 inches. Most days are sunny, with humid ity generall y low, even in the summer. The climate, attractive setting and recreational fac ilities make San Diego "America's Finest City." Accord ing to Sport s Illu strated , "For sheer numbers of partic ipants, diversity of pursu its of involvement, San Diego must rank as the sports fitne ss capita! of the U.S."

Sports are a major feature of the San Di– ego lifestyle. One can sail, swim, surf, sc uba d ive, snorkel, wind-surf on 70 miles of public beach or golf at any of the over 80 golf courses throughout the county. Balboa Park, a 1, 158-acre recreation and cultural center, offers 25 tennis courts, two gymna– siums , two municipal golf courses, and one of the nation's finest zoos . Mission Bay Park is a 4,600- acre playground for joggi ng, fi shi ng, bi cycling, tennis , golf, jet skiing and kite fl ying.

As we ll as parti cipati ng in rec reation al ac ti v iti es, San D iego supports their profess ional teams -– the NFL Chargers play at Qualcomm Stadium, and the Nationa l League Padres enter their fir st year at Petco Park. During coll ege foo tba ll bow l week, San Diego annuall y hosts the Pacifi c Li fe Ho lid ay Bow l in late December. During 1998 , Qualcomm Stad ium hosted the Super Bowl game between Denver and Green Bay; fo l– lowed by the World Series between the San Diego Padres and the New Yo rk Yankees . The Super Bowl returned to San Diego in 2003. Wh ateve r sport ing ac ti vity there is, it 's here in San Diego -- the sports capital of the U.S . !

San Diego Padres, National League

Champions , 1998 , 1984

San Diego Chargers, AFC Champions, 1994

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