Modern Farmhouse 2020

June 18, 2019

Ms. Giovanna Lamorte Associate Merchant – Wall Décor Ethan Allen Global Inc 25 Lake Ave PO Box 1966 Danbury, CT 206813 Dear Ms. Lamorte,

I would like to thank you for providing Image Craft the opportunity to contribute artwork selections and recommendations for the upcoming Modern Farmhouse collection, to debut in Spring 2020. Based upon the information you have provided; we are very confident we would be an excellent resource for your fine art needs. As the exclusive licensed representative of the Phoenix Art Group Viapagi Collection and archives Image Craft has been producing artwork for Ethan Allen for the past 15 months. Phoenix Art Group has partnered with Ethan Allen for the past 30 years, providing some of Ethan Allen’s best-selling artworks. The same team members who created and delivered the Ethan Allen artworks at Phoenix Art Group are now part of the Image Craft family. We look forward to continuing the Phoenix Art Group tradition of quality, service and value. The entire Image Craft team is committed to ensuring Ethan Allen’s fine art program is executed with the highest standards and quality. Should Image Craft be awarded this business, your satisfaction is our highest priority. You can be confident that our team’s experience and expertise will serve you well. For 40 years, Image Craft has relied on an innovative and collaborative spirit to go beyond the expected to deliver excellence. For an introduction to Image Craft capabilities, facilities, products and services, please visit this link: Image Craft Introduction Best Regards,

John Leos General Manager

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