W hen I initially applied for the National Historian position I was excited to be given the opportunity to be the keeper of all things of a historical nature for the National Academy and National Academy Associates. It was only a few weeks into my tenure that I had a conversation with my immediate predeces- sor and friend Terry Lucas regarding the “Archives”. It was at that time that I was informed that other than a few known boxes with information, and the 50th and 75th Anniversary Books that had been written there was very little in the way of hard and fast artifacts and documentation. I found as I began my journey that a lot of our history is in the minds of many of our early and past leaders. It was at that time that I corresponded with Pat Carroll from Connecticut, Billy Gibson , our original National Chaplain and George Graves our first Secretary/Treasurer, all of who I have featured in articles. These conversations afforded me the oppor- tunity to learn and pass their information on to our membership. History Wall: 1935 to the Present and Onward

NotableRenovations to theAcademy2014 -2017

SESSIO ActingDirectorL.PatrickGray said,"This Academymoves into thenew facility -has s lossof the institution's founder. Noneofyou momentonMay2, 1972,when thedeath Youhave shared the sorrowofhis loss,and inwhatwas, in the truest sense,acreation Letus resolve tokee



TheLivioA.BeccaccioAwardofExcellencebecamea reality.This award isa livingmemorialpresented toanFBINationalAcademy Associatememberwhohasdemonstratedexemplarycharacter through anactofheroism,outstandingcommunity service, innovation in law enforcement,or leadership reflectiveof thatbywhichFBISpecialAgent LivioA.Beccaccio lived. The first recipientof thisprestigiousawardwas RichardL.Grayof the 188thSession forhis initiative in theVest-a-Cop Program.

SESSIO The firstSessiongraduated from thenew facilit a legacygiftofaplaque to theNationalAcade have faith in the future,and forgetnot the200w commemorating the200graduatescan still

SESSION 112 WilliamH.Websteraddressedhis firstclassasDirector. DirectorWebster's favoriteadmonishment toeachgraduatingclasswas, "Toyoumuchhasbeengiven,andofyou,much isexpected". 1978

Celebrated25thyearof theFBINAANational AcademyOffice Incorporation.

SESSION 158 The firstYellowBrickswereawarded forcompleting the YellowBrickRoadobstaclecourse.

2010 Marked the75thyearof theNationalAcademy; Itwascommemoratedat theFBINationalAcademy AssociatesAnnualConference inBoston,MA.

SESSION 141 Marked the50thyearof theNationalAcademy; Section IIIof theAssociateshosted theConference inTampa,FL.

Marked the incorporationof theFBINationalAcademy AssociatesNationalOffice.

SESSIO RichardA.Amiottwas the firstgraduate to

2014 FBINAA50thAnnualConferencewasheld inPhiladelphia,PA.

1981 FitnessChallenge"YellowBrickRoad"began.

1995 OfficialUniformof theNationalAcademy studentschanged.








2013 SESSION255 The firstNationalAcademyclass tobecanceled due to sequestration; theSessionwas invited to return in the springof2014afterSession256.



2017 SESSION268

1998 The firstFBINAAYouthLeadershipProgramwasheldand tookplaceat theNationalAcademy.

1994 AppointmentsofSectionalSecretary-Treasurerswerecreated. (L-R)Section II -EarleConner;Section IV -BobWalsh; National -GeorgeGraves;Section III -BillyGibsonandSection I -JimWeynat.

1991 The first issueof theAssociateMagazine wasproduced.

1987 Hogan’sAlleywasofficially launched as the “CrimeTown”of theNationalAcademy.

2002 SESSION207 TheMemorialMonumentwasdedicated to the9/11victims&heroes from the WorldTradeCenter,PentagonandFlight93attacksbySession207.


SESSIO Session91markedas the largest singleclass with300 students inattendance. ThisSession two femaleOfficer's inattendance:VickeyRe andAnnSchraderof theVirgin

TheEuropeanChapterwas the firstof four InternationalChapters createdwithin theAssociation.

SESSION95 Anewprocedurewas introducedwheregraduateswalkedacross the stage tobeawarded theirdiploma.

ExecutiveAssistantDirectorJoshuaSkule,FBI Intelligence, presents the50,000thgraduate,Capt.AmySchreiner, of theUniversityofAlabamaatBirminghamPD,withherdiploma.

GeorgeGraveswasappointedasSecretary-Treasurer for theAssociates.


HowardM.Cook,Session224,was selectedas the first NationalAcademygraduate tobe theExecutiveDirector of theFBINationalAcademyAssociates.

LesterA.Davis,RetiredFBISpecialAgent,was the firstExecutiveDirector of theFBINationalAcademyAssociates. He served from 1994-2003.

SESSION270 PresidentDonaldJ.Trumpaddressed theSessionduring their graduationceremony. Ithadbeenover55years sincea sittingPresident attendedaNationalAcademygraduation.


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