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The MudRunner, available only from TapeTech, is the ultimate Corner Applicator, requiring only a twist of your wrist for effortless application. The TapeTech MudRunner ® delivers joint compound to corner finishers and applicator heads with precision control and minimal effort. A simple twist of the wrist activates the piston and creates a consistent flow of joint compound. Twist it back and the flow stops immediately. Taping - Use it with TapeTech Applicator Heads to quickly apply joint compound to internal and external corners when installing paper-faced corner bead to drywall. Finishing - Use it with TapeTech Corner Finishers to quickly finish both sides of internal corners. The MudRunner delivers almost twice as much joint compound to the corner finisher compared to standard corner applicators, resulting in maximum coverage over the joint tape and superior results.

14TT - MudRunner ®

PARTS KITS 144001 - MudRunner Tube Replacement Kit

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Hydraulic Piston for consistent flow (internal)

Lubrication Ports (2) one on each side of the handle


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