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Dayton Parts Distributors can supply all your torque rod and torque rod bushing repair/replacement needs, whether rubber-bushed or full ball design.

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Rigid torque rod replacement

Because of the infinite possible rod lengths required for replacement of rigid torque rods, manufacturers have developed “two piece” torque rod components. Thus allowing the installer the flexibility to “make” a rod to the required length as needed. Various end configurations are available in both full ball and rubber- bushed styles.


Tube End

Spacer End



Two piece rod assembly

Measure used rod length — center to center Determine end configurations — straddle mount, taper pin or sleeve Select replacement end type — rubber-bushed or full ball Cut rod ends to determined length — resulting in possible rod failure and serious injury or death.

. Do not flame cut Flame cutting will weaken the torque rod

Fully seat rod ends align and plug weld sleeve hole, then fillet weld sleeve and rod. Specific welding instructions from the rod manufacturer should be followed. Failure to do so may produce an inferior assembly.

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