A s we come to the close of another year, your FBINAA Chari table Foundation has worked hard to ensure our active members are assisted in their time of need. Your personal sup port and the generosity of the chapters at the Chapter Leader ship Summit allowed the Foundation to increase our assistance from $2000 to $3000. Year to date we have assisted three mem bers with disaster relief, 10 active members with an illness or injury and one LOD death. Additionally, we have continued to as sist our active members with high school family members with $1,000 higher education scholarship awards, totaling $20,000. As we approach a time of thanksgiving, the Foundation owes a huge thank you to our two Business Board members: Ed Fuller, retired president of Marriott International, with his donation and support for the Kauai and Maui vacation trips and the vision to have a private labeled wine to enjoy and promote the Foundation. Ed donated the wine for the four sessions to enjoy during the 5.11 steak dinner and at the Chapter Leadership Summit in 2023. Brian Tripp, vice president of 5.11, continued to coordinate annual donations in the amount of $51,100! This also includes the Board and Ambassador shirts. Lastly, we thank Joe Hellebrand, past president and founda tion board member. Joe worked with a not-for-profit organiza tion that dissolved and was able to secure a donation of $80,000

to the FBINAA Charitable Foundation. I couldn’t be prouder of the board members on the Foundation. We all volunteer our time and take pride in assisting our active members and their families in their time of need. I would ask that you please continue to support your Foun dation and encourage those attending the FBINA to also consider donating to the wonderful family of which we are all a part.

T hank you again and wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2024!

Doug Muldoon Chairman, FBINAA Charitable Foundation

20 FBINAA.ORG | Q4 2023

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