Scott Rhoad

Hello FBINAA family and friends,

A fter being sworn in as president on August 1, 2023, I have been impressed by so many members, friends, and sup porters of this great association. Members and staff continue to do outstanding work for their chapters, communities, and organizations. Although I have been a part of this Board for 7 years, I continue to learn more about this association and how far reaching it really is. After attending several chapter confer ences both domestic and international I have heard many stories of cooperation in solving criminal cases and assisting members in need. The chapters of this association are our strength. Networks at the local, regional, state and national levels is what builds our truly global network of law enforcement. This was even more apparent to me after attending some of our international chapters’ training conferences. Hearing how our members from other countries use this network to solve criminal cases and find new investigative methods or policies was impressive to say the least. Not to mention the resources and information they can provide to our domestic members and federal agen cies. If you ever have an opportunity to attend one or all of our international chapters, please do so. I assure you it is a learning experience you will always treasure. Additionally, our European chapter has stepped up and made a significant donation to our charitable foundation after selling t-shirts for their annual 5K at their recent training conference. As I’m certain many of you have noticed we have a new, fresh, more intuitive website. As we continue to add content and update information there will be new information and tools available for our members to utilize. As mentioned in the previous magazine and newsletters we are moving to a new database management system also. As with most projects of this magnitude the transition has been very taxing on staff as well as members. Anyone in law enforcement who has been a part of a new system or database upgrade has seen firsthand how the process always highlights new issues to deal with along the way. Whether it is cleaning up data, renaming fields, or some other issue to deal with, we can all relate to this huge undertaking that continues to move forward. Just a couple of the new features of the new database management system are members will be able to ‘Auto Renew’ by simply checking a box during this year’s renewal process and saving their request for future years. They will also be able to search the website for content simply by clicking on the global search button on the top right corner of the home page. Ad ditionally, the new website is much easier to navigate with better graphics and will give our members and constituents better access to our programs and services. Not to mention it is much more cell phone friendly.

It was great to see such a large turnout for our FBINAA event held during IACP in the Pendry Hotel in San Diego. Our long time partner Justice Federal Credit Unio n did not disappoint as they continue their support for this association by providing our members another opportunity to make new and re-new friend ships. Thank you to all who participated in this great event. Chapter leaders, please remember to get your upcoming confer ence dates and contact information to the National office as soon as possible. This allows our partners and other members to plan their travel and support to attend your conference. I look forward to seeing many of you at your chapter conferences as well and will try to attend as many as possible.

Stay safe and continue your support within your communities.

Joining you in Service,

Scott Rhoad FBINAA President FBINA 217

4 FBINAA.ORG | Q4 2023

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