Starfell chapter sampler

STARFELL: Willow Moss and the Lost Day

Leaving the note on the kitchen table, she tried not to think of what her father would say when he got home. Or what he would do to her when he realised that she wasn’t with her mother and sisters at the travelling fair. There was no point in thinking about it. Borrowed trouble. That’s what her dad called it. He always said that the god Wol provided enough daily things to worry about and there was no use borrowing tomorrow’s troubles as well. Though Willow doubted he’d appreciate her using his own logic against him. Green hairy bag in hand, she whispered a warning to Oswin to keep quiet or she’d hand him over to MoregVaine for her ginger pickling, and with slightly trembling knees she closed the cottage door. ‘Ready?’ asked Moreg, who eyed the bag with some surprise, though she didn’t comment. Willow definitely didn’t feel ready.

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