PW All Weather Protection Range

STEP 3 Adding comfort and performance STEP 4 Our designers add feature

Taping or welding the seams is required to create a fully waterproof garment.

enhancements to the garments for maximum comfort and functional performance.

TAPED OR WELDED SEAMS Taped Seams: A seal is heat applied to a seam on the inside, to stop water entering through the stitching. Welded Seams: A stitched seam is welded using heat and pressure, to make it watertight.


• Specially engineered watertight pockets. • Durable waterproof zippers •Adjustable openings to facilitate ventilation. • Double stormflap for protection against driving wind and rain. • Engineered hood, hems and sleeve cuffs to ensure precise fit and keep the water out.


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23/08/2023 17:11

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