MS Spanish Map

Learning Progressions: 1. Determine the major themes, plot, characters, and setting of the text. 2. Make inferences about the text 3. Create a logical claim based on the text. 4. Use evidence to support an analysis of what the text explicitly says. 5. Use evidence to support inferences drawn from the text. 6. Use formal reasoning to explain how the evidence supports your claim. 7. Use MLA format for citations. Learning Intentions: • I am learning how to identify important details in the text and how to Success Criteria: 1. I can list important details in the text. 2. I can rephrase important details in my own words.

Relevance: 1. Understanding the important details helps you make sense of what you read. 2. Writers need to present ideas logically so their readers understand.

share my thinking with a partner using complete sentences

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