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CSD CURRICULUM MAPS Tools for Curriculum Coherence and Equity

Curriculum Map Purpose

Canyons School District’s curriculum maps are standards-based maps driven by the Utah Core Standards and implemented using materials adopted by the Canyons’ Board of Education. The maps and materials are coordinated vertically within feeder systems and horizontally within grade-levels. Student achievement is increased when both teachers and students know where they are going, why they are going there, and what is required of them to get there.

Curriculum Mapping are a Tool for:

• ALIGNMENT: Provides support and coordination between concepts, skills, standards, curriculum, and assessments. • COMMUNICATION: Articulates expectations and learning goals for students. • PLANNING: Focuses instructional decisions and targets critical information for instructional tasks. • COLLABORATION: Promotes professionalism and fosters dialogue between colleagues about best practices pertaining to sequencing, unit emphasis, length, integration, and review strategies.

Curriculum Mapping Collaboration

Canyon School District Curriculum maps were collaboratively developed and refined by teacher committees, achievement coaches, building administrators, and the Instructional Supports Department.

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