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POSITIVE TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS Effect Size 0.72 Implementation Tools & Resources

Developing positive relationships with students is one of the most effective steps teachers can take to establish a positive classroom climate. In his research, John Hattie describes a positive teacher-student relationship as one where the student knows the teacher will provide support, thus enabling the student to be successful. Positive teacher-student relationships are associated with greater student engagement and positive student outcomes. Marzano also found that if the foundation of a good relationship is lacking, students will resist rules and procedures along with the consequent disciplinary actions. Students behave better and are motivated to try harder when they feel they have a relationship with their teacher. Strategies to develop positive teacher-student relationships need to be a large part of a teacher’s classroom PBIS plan. Several techniques that are easy to integrate into everyday interactions with students are described in the table below.

Critical Actions for Educators

* Communicate positive


* Make positive connections with each of your students. * Positively reinforce students frequently for

Strategies to Develop Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

• Communicate positive expectations • Greet students at the door • Call on students equitably • Re-teach classroom behavior expectations • Celebrate student success both inside and outside the classroom • Tell students they have the ability to do well

• Demonstrate caring by learning student interests and preferred activities • Call students by name • Display student work • Use pre-determined consequences • Positively reinforce students frequently • Correct students in constructive ways

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