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K-12 Canvas Expectations & Style Guide Canvas, CSD's learning management system (LMS), supports various modes of teaching and learning, and acts as an extension of the in-person classroom environment. All CSD teachers are expected to maintain a Canvas course. Canvas Style Guide has been created to support teachers, students, and families in successfully navigating Canvas. Use the checklists and linked resources to build your Canvas course, and guide conversations with coaches and administrators.

Canvas Course Expectations & CSD Style Guide Checklist

Teacher Account Settings Exemplars Required ❏ Profle picture ❏ Notifcation preferences

Canvas Course Exemplars ❏ Use a course created from the Canvas/Skyward sync ❏ Publish course ❏ If applicable, cross-list Canvas courses Note: If a course isn’t created through the sync, create your own course. Sharing Content Options Exemplars ❏ Direct Share ❏ Canvas Commons ❏ Sandbox course

Modules Exemplars ❏ Clearly label modules (i.e. labeling modules by date) ❏ Use a consistent organization structure ❏ The frst page of each module is a content page that describes the learning intentions, success criteria, and a sequenced list of the module tasks and assignments. ❏ Modules may include the following content (content pages, assignments, discussions, fles, external links, and quizzes) ❏ If modules contain 10 or more items consider breaking it down into smaller pieces or use text headers to group content. ❏ Consider unpublishing modules not being used

Recommended Design Elements Exemplars

❏ Use images that

represent real people and represent diversity


❏ Length of content

❏ Pronouns

pages, and the amount of scrolling needed. (less is more)

Course Navigation Exemplars

❏ Accessibility

K-5 Required

❏ Label images

(including Gifs) ❏ Closed captioning for online videos ❏ Image titles providing links that take students outside of Canvas ❏ Contrast of text color and background color ❏ Use consistent and appropriate fonts and colors ❏ Use icons to represent specifc learning tasks. ❏ Embed videos vs uploading them to a Canvas page, assignment, etc. ❏ Embed content vs

❏ Home ❏ Announcements ❏ Modules ❏ Grades


Course Home Page Exemplars

❏ Google Drive ❏ Clever ❏ Badges ❏ ConnectED


❏ Multimedia element ❏ Course name, teacher name & welcome message

6-12 Required

❏ Contact information ❏ Disclosure statement ❏ Course norms,

Assessments Exemplars

❏ Home ❏ Announcements ❏ Modules ❏ Grades

❏ Use a variety of

expectations, and how-tos ❏ Link to supports for students and parents ❏ Course schedule, including synchronous meetings and access links

assessment types (assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc.)

Recommended ❏ Syllabus

❏ Google Drive ❏ Newsela ❏ Badges ❏ ConnectED

❏ Clearly label ❏ Provide clear directions ❏ When appropriate use rubrics ❏ Grade using Speedgrader ❏ Provide due dates ❏ Unpublish assignments not being used Something to Consider ❏ Using assignment groups to organize and/or weight overall assignment grades

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