Clover Catalog 2015

This old art of Embroidery using a fine hook on a fine cloth stretched in a frame is called "Tambour", reborn with Clover's Kantan Couture Bead Embroidery Tool. Basic techniques with this tool can create beautiful motifs using sequins and beads. Embellish/Design and make it your own. Your imagination possibilities are endless.

Art No. 9900

Art No. 8815



CLOVER TURNABLE HOOP (7 inch) 1 each/box

6 boxes/box

10 1/4" X 73/4" X 21/8"

Package size

[1] Beads and sequins are easily applied. , Chain-stitching is a , breeze.

Art No. 9901



11 'l(antan Couture 11 BEAD EMBROIDERY TOOL NEEDLE REFILL 1 each/card 6 cards/box Package size 5 1/2" X 2 1/8" X 1/8" Replacement needle exclusively for Bead Embroidery Tool. Easy replacement with a screw on the handle.

360 degree Turnable Hoop with stand. Can be used for all kinds of embroidery projects such as bead work or cross stitching. Offers flexibility and can be turned over to tie off threads for finishing or to ensure stitches stay in place. Can be attached to any worktable, leaving both hands free. The inner hoop grips the fabric firmly keeping fabric tight and secure.

BEAD EMBROIDERY TOOL THREAD (SILVER) Art No. 9904 051221557545 BEAD EMBROIDERY TOOL THREAD (CLEAR) 1 each/pack 6 packs/box Package size 4 1/2" X 2 1/4 X 1"

Art No. CTOO 17 Kantan Couture DVD Educational DVD Instructions of use of Bead Embroidery Tool and Accessories.




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