IntArc 32 Supplimental 1

So, how do you use a found object as a catalyst to the creative process? Look up “ the creative process ” on the web if you donʼt have an understanding of the phrase. There are generally speaking, 4 steps in the process.

1. Preparation 2. Incubation 3. Illumination 4. Implementation Using a found object as the catalyst happens in the first step “preparation.”

A found object must evoke a response in you. You can’t just pick up something when it does not cause a reaction. That would be the opposite of a catalytic process.

You don’t have to intellectually understand the reaction you get. You just have to recognize that there is a reaction.

So you have found an object. Maybe it reminds you of something in your past. Maybe you have a reaction to it’s texture. Now, you must analyze it. You must explore every avenue, every aspect of that object. Does it bend? Is it sharp? Does it have a scent? Does it have a sound?, etc… Let it “stew” for a while. Put it on your desk, off to the side (not in the middle of your desk where it takes all of your attention). Take out a piece of paper and sketch/doodle/draw WITH YOUR OBJECT IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND.

It is a process, so you’ll try many, many iterations—many sketches to finally realize the full impact of the found object.

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