Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

Two Stories


Loneliness is maddening, he groaned. You may go mad with pleasure. The pleasure of pain!

The night had not yet given way to the morning. The curtains were drawn tightly. Fog was everywhere. The bitter cold was like the Angel of Death.

-Now imagine eternal loneliness. Eternal… Loneliness!

After a moment of hesitation, once again:

-Eternal loneliness! This is how God went mad! We were the children of a lonely, mad God in pain. We were equally in pain. We were lonely. That ’s what we said. But were we? Didn’t he blow the spirit of life into his creation? Screeching owls were heard from the hills. Were they screeching because daylight hurt their eyes? Outside, a funeral procession came down the street. A coffin on shoulders passed in front of the coffeehouse.


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