Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

SŞeyma Koç

He slumped into the chair next to me.

-God created us. Then he wanted to be alone. So he got rid of us. He had given up on us. At first it was gratifying. It had a scary grandeur. But then… Then his loneliness turned into pain. Pain, pain, pain…. He stared at my face as if he was searching for the impression his words made. But my face was blank and I was lost for any words. There was anger in his eyes. He was angry with God, and he didn’t try to hide it. -To relieve the burden of his loneliness God began to pull us one by one to his side. Wars, epidemics, poverty, depravity. We were trapped inside the agony of his spirit. God was going mad. He created. He gave life to his creation and then he took it away. Again and again…. He never had enough. He will never have enough. This will never end. God’s madness… The immortality of mortality… He will pull us all to his side, but he is wrong. It will never be enough.

He had a terrible cough. He was coughing as if his lungs would burst. He was a ragged man in his sixties.


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