Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

King Gordogan

and then I’ll strangle him. SOUND: teeth chattering – fear – and grunting as Luna is dragged before the King. Sound of Luna clearing his throat. LUNA( singing ): Gordogan, Gordogan who cometh from heaven You lead us so nobly, our bread you do leaven. GORDOGAN: Somebody better stop him. Or in faith I’ll have to braid his legs together and strangle him with them. Why were you singing? LUNA: Who wouldn’t sing about the happiness of living in your joyous kingdom? GORDOGAN: Hmmm. That was nicely said.  I’m feeling a little less angry now, but I will still need to strangle you. ROYAL EAR CLIPPER ( tapping to get Gordogan’s attention ): Master. . . . taxes! GORDOGAN: Ah.  Taxes.  Good you reminded me.  Taxes first strangle af- ter.  Judging by your ears, subject, you have not paid your taxes.  Pay up!


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