Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

Radovan Ivšićc

LUNA: Ears? Pay up?  Taxes? GORDOGAN: Pay up!!! LUNA: The thing is. . . GORDOGAN: I said PAY. LUNA: Good King. . . . GORDOGAN:

Listen here.  Don’t “Good King” me. I remember now that I have not told my subjects how much you must pay so now we shall read a Royal Proclamation from His Royal Magnificence, the good King Gordogan.  SOUND ((R13 again)) ((R14)) Loud Gong GORDOGAN: This is the Proclamation of Gordogan the Magnificent. Our good people. . . Your most highborn and honorable King Gordogan, wor- ried over the welfare of his beloved nation, has decided,


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