Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

Radovan Ivšićc

GORDOGAN: Shame on us.  And you, Royal Eye Gouger, how many have you TSAFF ed today? SOUND: (Repeat) leather boots clicking together, fist on chest salute ROYAL EYE GOUGER: Only twelve, Highness, by my miserable mother.  Five blind men, Five walleyed squinters, two cross-eyed dunc- es, and by my pincers, I’ll get my thirteenth soon, and he’ll be healthy-eyed ere I TSAFF him. GORDOGAN Shh.   This one’s going to pay his tax.  Watch and see.   Pay, subject. Pay.  PAY! LUNA: Honorable King. GORDOGAN: There we go again. That “Honorable King” business. PAY, imbicile. LUNA: ( singing )

Are you saying. . .  If you’re saying. . .  GORDOGAN: Pay!


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