Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

King Gordogan

LUNA ( still singing ): That the rich don’t pay taxes. . . ?  Well, I am rich. SILENCE. SOUND: Guffaw from the King. GORDOGAN: You are the first I’ve met who admits to being rich. Tell me then, rich subject, what do you have?  And where is it? LUNA: Well, I have the best king in all the world, and he’s right here in front of me. GORDOGAN: That I already know. ( whispering aside ) I asked for that. SOUND: tapping on the strongbox (with coins inside) GORDOGAN (CONT’D): I’m asking you about this. LUNA: What more wealth could I wish for than to have the no- blest king in all the world? GORDOGAN: Gold! LUNA: Gold I don’t have. SOUND: SNAPPING FINGERS


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