United Community Bank: A Quick and Easy Guide to Online Banking and Bill Pay


Security Enabling and Disabling Push Notifications Have alerts sent directly to your mobile device as push notifications. Push notifications are completely free to receive and will show up as a banner at the top of your lock screen or in your “notification tray.”

Note : Push Notifications are available for security, reminder, account and transaction alerts.




A. When you first sign into United Community’s online banking app you have the option to enable push notifications for alerts by tapping the Allow button. B. To enable or disable push notifications at a later time, in the Alerts tab, tap Push Notifications . 1. Use the Enable Notifications switch to enable or disable push notifications. 2. Tap the respective Alert Settings tab to edit alerts and their delivery preferences. See Alerts Overview section starting on page 36 for more


Security: Enabling and Disabling Push Notifications

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