IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


Mattia’s passion for welding together with his passion for art and the love for artists such as Dali and Warhol, inspired him always to have a vision beyond appearances. Both his love for welding and his skills in Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding are evident in his artwork. He started TIG welding in 2007 and joined the Class 1 TIG welders team of Alenia Aermacchi, an Italian aerospace company, in 2008 where he continued in-depth studies of different processes becoming a 1st Level inspector and achieved six Class 1 certifications in TIG welding on six different materials. The scrap bin became a gold mine for him. In 2009 he hosted his first scrap metal art exhibition.

Nine years later in 2018, he founded the “Weld Circus” network on social media just to connect artists based in Italy, in order to share experiences and techniques about welded art and metal scrap. Soon the group expanded and made it possible to connect artists and art lovers from all over the world, without bias or borders. His project involved thousands of people. Unfortunately Mattia left too soon as a young man in 2020. Mattia Bross had become one of the most popular artists on social platforms, counting over 80,000 followers on Instagram. His creative and artistic skills performed on 2 or 3mm thick Stainless Steel sheet, uses the different variables in TIG welding to create a phenomenal range of colours and images which create attractive and much admired artwork. Exhibit “THE TREE OF LIFE” Those who have been able to work alongside him remember him as an enthusiastic and extremely sincere and immediate person. While his love continues to grow in the hearts of his family, friends and colleagues, his art will remain forever in his works and techniques. Today, his work "The tree of life" becomes more than ever a symbol of life, regeneration and sharing, with its bright colors and graceful leaves that branch out into the infinite.


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