IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


Maharshi Panchal, is a freelance Sculptor from Vadodara, India. He completed his Masters of Visual Arts- specialising in Sculpture from The Faculty of Fine Arts, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. He has always believed that Art is the best way to express an individual's thoughts and beliefs to society, because society is the necessity for an Artist, where people can appreciate his art.

Maharshi is a senior sculptor artist promoted by ArtCroc which is a registered brand of Infine Art Ventures LLP, a DPIIT (Govt of India) recognised Art Start-up known for its unique idea of creating beautiful sculptures from scrap metal. Converting scrap into valuable art pieces is an innovative way to show concern for the environment encouraging the masses to reuse, reduce and recycle for a better future. ArtCroc has launched a unique program “Trash to Treasure” where companies and government entities provide their scrap to be converted into stunning & meaningful artworks. ArtCroc’s talented team of professional artists & trained welders have adorned public places like railway stations, airports, traffic islands etc with large sculptures welded using metal scrap like mild steel, stainless steel, automobile scrap etc.

Contact info Sachin Kaluskar Infine Art Ventures LLP • E-mail: sachin@infineart.in

Exhibit “HUMAN WITH HUMANOID” We are moving towards Industry 4.0 where the core focus is on AI & automation. Much of the laborious tasks are being performed by AI powered robots. The sculpture “Human with Humanoid” wants to establish the beautiful & symbiotic relationship of humans with robots. To create this sculpture, under the guidance of Maharshi, Dhaval Rathhwa (from the welding team) used about 36 kilograms of welded bicycle chains to create the life size sculpture. There was a specific reason to choose bicycle chains - they depict speed and through this sculpture, they wanted to show how our world is changing rapidly. To achieve big dreams, we must create automation that would complement us and not compete with us. The aim to create this sculpture is to produce art as social intervention, to inspire awe and joy, to educate, and to alter attitudes of viewers. Dimensions Dimensions Lifesize


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