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Volume 17, Number 1 2015

Journal of Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology

“Office-based phonosurgery”, and “Telemedicine”. In

addition, several chapters, mostly within the Management

unit, have either been updated or had a complete shift in

focus – for example, the chapter on “Laryngopharyngeal

reflux”. Basic science chapters considered “classics” have

not been updated, although they would have benefited

from revised diagrams and images.

For the speech pathologist or student with emerging

skills in voice, the chapter by Thomas Murray and Clark A.

Rosen – “The role of the speech-language pathologist in

the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders” – provides

a clear overview of the speech pathologist’s role and

includes protocols based on evidence from research and

clinical practice. More experienced clinicians may find

advanced chapters more interesting, such as R. J. Baken

and R. F. Orlikoff’s chapter “Towards a dynamic diagnosis of

vocal function” and others detailing surgical management.

The addition of the “Role of the voice coach” chapter is

indeed interesting; it presents very specific voice training

exercises for the actor and professional voice user which

occasionally contradict the speech pathologist’s motor

learning approach, particularly with regard to the use of

metaphors and imagery.

The 4th edition of the

Diagnosis and Treatment of Voice


is a comprehensive reference that would be a

good addition to a teaching or clinical library. For students

and speech pathologists new to voice it would be a useful

tool. However, if I owned the 3rd edition I would not rush to

purchase the 4th edition, as the editors accurately point out

“there has been a veritable explosion of advances based on

the associated sharing of information” and a great deal of

the new content is easily accessible elsewhere online and in

voice journals.

Rubin, J. S., Sataloff, R. T., & Korovin, G. S. (Eds.)


Diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders

(4th ed.). San Diego, CA: Plural Publishing. ISBN13: 978

1 59756 553 0; pp. 1019; US$350;


Kate Baumwol

With relevance for singers to

surgeons, the 4th edition of


Diagnosis and Treatment

of Voice Disorders

aims to

be a definitive complete

reference for all

professionals on the “art vs.

science” continuum of voice

work. At 1,019 pages and

weighing over 4 kg, it

certainly covers a significant

amount of content. The

format of the 4th edition

follows previous editions and the book is separated in into

three units: Basic science, Clinical assessment, and

Management. Ten chapters have been added since the

previous edition, in acknowledgement of the substantial

advancement in knowledge and treatment of voice

disorders in the past 10 years. The new chapters include

“Vocal fold extracelluar matrix and wound healing”,

“COUGH and the unified airway”, “The role of the voice

coach in the treatment of vocal disorders”, “Occupational

voice”, “Anesthesia in laryngology”, “Reinnervation: New

frontiers, emerging approaches to laryngeal replacement

and reconstruction”, “Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis”,

Resource review

Speech pathology resources