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Monday, October 31


Board 2 Development and implementation

of an environmental health literacy

facilitator’s guide: Integrating Western

and Indigenous science for American

Indian youth—

Deb LaVeaux, MS

Board 3 Chicago southside cancer disparities

initiative (CSCDI): Using CBPR a basis

for community member mini course

curriculum...our story continues—


Curry, BSPH

Board 4 Participatory Hiring Practices in

the Context of Community-Based

Participatory Research Partnerships:

Lessons Learned from Community

Action Against Asthma—

Ariel Herm, BA

Board 5 Promoting health equity through

community-based participatory

research: Lessons learned while

designing, implementing, and

evaluating a CBPR-based randomized

intervention trial of a wellness coaching

program for women of color—


Simonsen, PhD, CNM, MSPH

Board 6 Linking community and public health

practice in community engaged

partnerships: Lessons from Community

Approaches to Reducing STDs—

Jason D.

Daniel-Ulloa, PhD, MPH

Board 7 Meharry Medical College HBCU

Wellness Project: State Government

Collaborating with a HBCU Medical

School to Address Health Disparities—

Mitchell Parks, M.D.

Board 8 Making Community Data Count: A

community-academic partnership

investigating the impact of community

places on vacant lots—

Jared Olson

Board 9 Creating Greater Destinies:

Lessons learned from a resident

driven approach to improve health,

increase opportunity and strengthen


Erika Hood,


Board 10 Understanding the history of an

underserved community to inspire

community health—

Jen Nickelson, PhD,


Organized by: Community-Based Public Health


Endorsed by: American Indian, Alaska Native and Native

Hawaiian Caucus, Women’s Caucus


CCC, Halls A/F

Measures, methods, and evaluation in CBPR

Moderator(s): Constance Kizzie-Gillett, Master of

Leadership, Pluscedia Williams, BA

Board 1 Participatory evaluation of local offices

of minority health in Ohio—


Dawson, M.S., MRC, LPC

Board 2 Using innovative strategies to improve

community health: Healthy Homes

Block by Block—

John Besl, MA

Board 3 Group Model Building for inter-

organization and community-based

design of an early childhood

intervention program—

Beth Rotter, PhD,


Board 4 Health Equity Evaluation of a

Partnership to Promote Healthy


Melanie Ward, MPH

Board 5 Assessment of the Linkage

between Health Extension Workers

and Community Volunteers in

implementing Community Based

Surveillance activities in pastoralist

and semi-pastoralist CGPP Ethiopia

implementation areas—



Board 6 Leading for outcomes: Measurement,

evaluation, and spread of the 100

Million Healthier Lives initiative—


Ramaswamy, PhD, MPH

Board 7 Building Networks of Engaged

Parents for Patient-Centered Pediatric


Sean O’Leary, MD, MPH

Board 8 Evaluation in community-based

participatory research: Measures,

methods and results for assessing

sustainability and success in a

longstanding CBPR partnership—


M. Coombe, PhD, MPH

Board 9 Before Collaboration: Selecting a

Community for a Suicide Prevention


Leah Wendleton, MPH, MSW

Board 10 Using social network methods

to evaluate collaboration and


Tanya Funchess, DHA,


Organized by: Community-Based Public Health


Endorsed by: Women’s Caucus


CCC, Halls A/F

Chronic Disease Epidemiology—Poster

Session 2

Board 1 Understanding and Implementing

Community-based Lifestyle

Interventions: A Systematic Review—

Lauren Stevens

Board 2 Is diet quality related to central obesity

among Mexican Americans?-Findings

from National Health and Nutrition

Examination Survey (NHANES) 1999-


YiLin Yoshida, MPH

Board 3 Metabolic effects of monounsaturated

fatty acid-enriched diets compared to

carbohydrate or polyunsaturated fatty

acid-enriched diets in patients with type

2 diabetes: A systematic review and

meta-analysis of randomized controlled


Frank Qian, BA

Board 4 Association between Osteoporosis

and Early Menopause Following


Mia Botkin, PhD

Board 5 Association between fat intake and

cardiovascular disease mortality

in ACLS study: Comparison of four

modeling approaches—

Jiali Zheng

Board 6 Relationship of Non-nutritive

Sweeteners, BMI, and Waist


Esther Holmes, MPH,


Board 7 Cross-sectional association between

clinically measured periodontal disease

and blood pressure levels in overweight

and obese adults—

Krystel Ruiz-Serrano,


Board 8 Prevalence of health risks and

unhealthy behaviors among survivors

of cardiovascular diseases. Results

from the National Epidemiologic Survey

on Alcohol and Related Conditions


Boji Huang, MD, PhD

Board 9 Relationship between Periodontitis and

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors:

A Cross Sectional Study Results

from National Health and Nutrition

Examination Survey, 2009-2010—


Mehta, Masters of Public Health-


Organized by: Epidemiology

Endorsed by: American Indian, Alaska Native and Native

Hawaiian Caucus, Oral Health, Vietnam Caucus


CCC, Halls A/F

Chronic Disease Epidemiology—Poster

Session 3

Board 1 Sedentary Behavior and Cardiovascular

Disease Risk among Racial Groups in

the US—

Peter Ahiawodzi, Ph.D., M.P.H.,


Board 2 Recommended levels of Physical

Activity are Associated with Reduced

Risk of the Metabolic Syndrome in


Shenghui Wu,

M.D., Ph.D., Master of Medicine

Board 3 Obesity projection by modeling BMI

distribution: Using national health

survey data from Mexico, Colombia, and

Peru, 1988-2013—

Goro Yamada

Board 4 Comparison of the relationship between

obesity and neurological stroke vs

obesity and coronary artery pathology—

Gargya Malla

Board 5 Utilization of bariatric surgery in the US

Premier Healthcare Database, 2011-


Liwei Chen, MD, PhD, MHS

Board 6 Differential associations of overweight

and obesity with youth risk behaviors

in Puerto Rico—

Linnette Rodriguez-

Figueroa, MS, PhD

Board 7 Racial Disparities in Overweight/obesity

in Mississippi: Findings from the 2011-

2014 Mississippi Behavior Risk Factors

Surveillance System—

Mina Qobadi

Board 8 Obesity and the Three-year Incidence of

Major Depressive Disorder: Results of

the National Epidemiologic Survey on

Alcohol and Related Conditions—


P. Pickering, MS

Board 9 Endocrine disrupting compounds and

pediatric metabolic disease—


Russ, MS, RN

Board 10 Long-term impact of alcohol

consumption on trajectories of

body adiposity: Results from the

Framingham offspring cohort (1971-


Niyati Parekh, PhD, RD

Organized by: Epidemiology

Endorsed by: Vietnam Caucus


CCC, Halls A/F

From Environmental Research to Infectious

Disease Prevalence. Current Topics in

Epidemiological Research—Poster Session

Board 1 Collaborating to Improve Environmental

Health Surveillance—

Jessica Wurster,


Board 2 Demographic and health characteristics

of adults age 65 years and over by living

arrangements: United States, 2009-


Judith Weissman, Ph.D., J.D.