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8:30–10:00 & 10:30–11:30


CCC, Halls A/F

Poster Session II

Board 1 Community perspectives on Asian

American immigrant health in NYC—

Patricia Dayleg, MPH

Board 2 You Don’t Know what you Don’t Know:

Preparing Health Professionals to work

with Southeast Asian Communities—

Rasy Mar, MPH

Board 3 Citizenship as Privilege and Social

Identity: Implications for Psychological


Brittany Morey, MPH

Board 4 Diet, physical activity, and obesity of

college students in Guam—



Board 5 Ensuring Access to Health: Current

Practices in Assessing Community

Health Needs in Northwest China—

Veronica Acosta-Deprez, Ph.D

Board 6 Social norms influencing eating

behavior in Filipino Americans (FA) in

New York City—

Leah Timbang, MPHc

Board 7 Exploring Opportunities for Cancer

Screening Promotion at Nail Salons:

Increasing Healthcare Access and

Utilization among Vietnamese Women

outside of Recommended Cancer

Screening Guidelines—

Hang Nguyen

Board 8 Community Perceptions and

Recommendations on Cancer

Screening, Treatment, and Participation

in Research among Asian Americans—

Nadine Barrett, Ph.D, MA, MS

Organized by: Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus for

Public Health


CCC, Halls A/F

Cancer health equity: Research advances

Board 1 Addressing racial disparities in breast

cancer treatment delays: An application

of group model building—



Board 2 Multi-academic, professional

and community partnerships: An

intervention model to achieve Cancer

health Equity—

Aida L. Giachello, PhD

Board 3 University of Guam/University of

Hawaii Cancer Center Partnership:

A capacity building model to address

cancer health equity through research,

outreach and training—

Hali Robinett,


Board 4 Living Location Relationship to Cancer

Cases Diagnosed in a Large Urban

Hospital in La Paz, Bolivia—


Allegra, B.S.

Board 5 ISS Stage, Molecular Risk and

Geographic Distance from the Site

of Care Impacts Outcome in Newly

Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma—


Miller, Ph.D.

Board 6 Experience of Low-Income Men with

Prostate Cancer under the Patient

Protection and Affordable Care Act


Grecia B. Vargas, MSPH

Board 7 Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the Receipt

of Definitive Treatment for Prostate

Cancer: Does Cancer Severity Matter—

Willie Underwood, MD, MS, MPH

Board 8 African American Cancer Survivors

Report Better Communication with their

Health Care Providers than Caucasian

Survivors: An Analysis of Two National


Monita Karmakar, M.S.,

Ph.D. student

Board 9 African American Cancer Survivors Are

More Likely than Caucasian Survivors

to Receive a Survivorship Care Plan and

Treatment Summary: An Analysis of a

National Database—

Monita Karmakar,

M.S., Ph.D. student

Board 10 Race, Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status,

Treatment, and Survival Time among

Pancreatic Cancer Cases in Florida—

Yuemeng Li, BSc, MSPH(c)

Organized by: Cancer Forum

Endorsed by: APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights,

Women’s Caucus


CCC, Halls A/F

Addressing Cancer Disparities from

Prevention to Survivorship, I

Board 1 Assessing the Scalability of a Cancer

Screening Patient Navigation

Intervention Using RE-AIM—


DeGroff, PhD, MPH

Board 2 Differences in Cervical Cancer

Screening by Geographical Birth Place—

Christian Geneus, MS, MPH

Board 3 National Profile of Colorectal (CRC)

Screening Among Patients Served by

Federally Funded Health Centers—


Chienshy Lin, MS

Board 4 Impact of ACA’s Medicaid expansion on

client demographics and breast health

behaviors for medically underserved

women through the Avon Breast Health

Outreach Program—

Lindsay Senter,


Board 5 Introducing a new cancer registry-

survey data linkage to measure patient

experience: SEER-CAHPS—

Lisa Lines,


Board 7 Mississippi Cancer Hospitalizations:

Economic Burden, Demographics, and


Manuela Staneva, MPH

Board 8 Multi-level evidence-based colorectal

cancer screening interventions: A

systematic review of the literature—

Coralia Vazquez-Otero, JD, MPH

Board 9 Racial and Ethnic Disparities in

Mammography Utilization Among

Women With Intellectual Disabilities—

Evelyn Arana, MS, DrPHc

Board 10 Fatalistic cancer beliefs and cancer

health behaviors in formerly

incarcerated racial and ethnic minority


Pamela Valera, PhD, ACSW

Organized by: Cancer Forum

Endorsed by: APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights,

Women’s Caucus


CCC, Halls A/F

Promoting Health Through Faith-based


Board 1 Care and Share: Transition of a Food

Pantry to a Food Ministry—


Vogelzang, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND, CHES

Board 2 Connecting health, spirituality, and

sense of purpose in low-income


Ana Lucero-Liu, PhD

Board 3 Muslim Americans Reaching for Health

and Building Alliances (MARHABA):

Development of a culturally adapted lay

health worker intervention to increase

breast and cervical cancer screening

among Muslim women in in New York


Shilpa Patel, MPH

Board 4 Health & Our Faith: Engaging the

Faith Community to Address Health

Disparities Among African-Americans—

Pamela Price

Board 5 Interfaith Coalition Building to Prevent

Chronic Disease: Lessons from


Kay Wallace

Board 6 TLC: Transforming Leadership in

Churches to Enhance the Uptake of a

Faith-Based HIV Prevention Program—

LaShun R. Robinson, PhD

Board 7 A feasibility pilot to reduce depressive

symptoms among rural African

Americans: REJOICE (Renewed

and Empowered for the Journey to

Overcome in Christ Everyday)—


Haynes, PhD

Board 8 Influence of Spirituality on Health

Behaviors in an Afro-Caribbean


Jacquie Marshall, PhD, RN,


Board 9 Transforming public health, an

investment in children’s education as a

strategy for public health promotion—

Jennifer-Xuan Do, MPH

Board 10 Using community wellness coaches in a

faith-based setting to promote holistic

health and address health disparities—

France A. Davis, MMC, MMin

Organized by: Caucus on Public Health and the Faith


Endorsed by: Women’s Caucus


CCC, Halls A/F

Community and Population Health Across

the Lifespan Poster Session

Board 1 Biomarkers to Assess

Neurodevelopmental Toxicity of

Manganese: A Pilot Study—


Sullivan, MS

Board 2 Advancing community health: Oregon’s

health system reform journey and

the role of a transformation center—

Christine DeMars, MPH

Board 3 Using theory to guide coalition building

to work on Latino men’s health: The

Latino Engagement Group for Salud


Patricia I. Documét, MD, DrPH

Board 4 Exploring the underlying mechanisms

to racial disparity in infant mortality: A

grounded theory perspective—


Eneh, MPH, MS, PHD Candidate

Board 5 Challenging institutional racism in

Aotearoa New Zealand: A case study

of STIR – Stop Institutional Racism—

Heather Came, PhD

Board 6 Chinatown Vision Plan in Chicago—

Debbie Liu, MPH, CHES

Board 7 Discriminatory Experiences and Their

Affect on Mammogram Screenings in

Black Women—

Rachael N. Reed, MPH,

DrPH candidate