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Tuesday, November 1

Board 2 Relationship between distal statewide

smoking ban policy and smoking

behavior at individual level—


Apiyo, MA. MDA

Board 3 Perceived effectiveness of health-

warning labels on cigarette packages

for preventing smoking initiation among

Guatemalan adolescents—

Ana Salazar,


Board 4 Factors associated with menthol

cigarette preference among adult


Hai-Yen Sung, PhD

Board 5 Trends in menthol cigarette use in the

United States, 2004-2014—


Villanti, PhD

Board 6 Assessing the Implementation and

Outcome of Tobacco Policies and

Tobacco Free Medical Campuses on

Army Medical Command Campuses—

Alison Cuccia, MSPH

Board 7 Banning menthol-flavored cigarettes:

How do tobacco companies respond?—

Jennifer Brown, MPH

Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Endorsed by: APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights,

Cancer Forum


CCC, Halls A/F

Discovery and Innovation in Native Health

and Wellness through Leadership, Tradition,

and Engagement

Board 1 Encouraging good health among

Apsaalooke people through traditional


Coleen Trottier

Board 2 Tribal Health Leaders’

Recommendations for a Community-

based Gestational Diabetes Prevention

Counseling and Education Program

for American Indian and Alaska Native


Kelly Moore, MD, FAAP

Board 3 Developing materials for a chronic

illness self-management program—

Brianna Bull Shows

Board 4 Depression Symptoms and General

Health Status in a Rural Native

Hawaiian Population—

Ronald Aubert,


Board 5 Impact of Frequent Residential Mobility

on American Indian and Alaska

Native Sexual Experience in Early


Nicole Tuitt, MPH

Board 6 Measuring the role of culture in

American Indian and Alaska Native

adolescent health outcomes—


Gelman, MPH

Board 7 Impact of integrated community

health worker outreach to individuals

with diabetes on the Navajo Nation—

Christian Brown, BS

Board 8 Health Information Literacy Project—

Maritza Bond, MPH

Board 9 Demonstration of how a community-

based design process and a Health

Impact Assessment can be used to

address health inequities in a Native

American community—


Somers, M.Arch.

Board 10 American Indian Public Health

Resource Center: A model for

providing technical assistance to tribal


Vanessa Tibbitts, MA

Organized by: American Indian, Alaska Native and

Native Hawaiian Caucus

Endorsed by: APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights,

Occupational Health and Safety, Socialist Caucus,

Women’s Caucus


CCC, Halls A/F

CHW Section Poster Session: Effective CHW

Programs and Interventions

Moderator(s): Katherine Mitchell, MSW

Board 1 Care Transitions: An Integrated Model

of Care for Elderly Patients at High Risk

for Readmissions—

Ebony Johnson, MPA

Board 2 Coaching For Change: A Program

Intervention to Improve Chronic Disease

Outcomes Following an Emergency

Department Visit—

Omonivie Agboghidi

Board 3 Partnering with Promotoras to deliver

family centered healthy lifestyle classes

in community health clinics—


Lipton-Inga, MA, CCRP

Board 4 Participatory research to develop

glaucoma educational resources for

community health workers—


Beaugh, MPH

Board 5 Results of a Community Health Worker

Intervention to Improve Diabetes

Outcomes in Chicago—

Dalia Majumdar,


Board 6 A CHW-Led Initiative to Reduce the

Burden of Chronic Illness in a Low-

Income, Urban Community—


Peretz, MPH

Board 7 Project Aurora: Collaborating with

Health Activists in Mozambique to

Increase Self-Efficacy and Create Visual


Joshua Littlejohn, RN, MSN, MPH

Board 8 It’s Bigger than Just Insurance:

Innovative strategies employed by

Community Health Workers to improve

health literacy and enroll African-

American communities in the Health

Insurance Marketplace—


Broomfield-Massey, Ph.D.

Board 9 School and Community Wellness

Coordinators: Moving the Needle on

Childhood Obesity in Missouri—


Griffith, MPH

Board 10 Creating a CHW-led asthma home

visiting intervention for older adults:

The Reducing Older Adult Asthma

Disparities (ROAAD) Study—


Flood, MPH

Organized by: Community Health Workers

Endorsed by: Women’s Caucus


CCC, Halls A/F

CHW Section Poster Session: Training,

Evaluation and Lessons Learned

Moderator(s): Katherine Mitchell, MSW

Board 1 Reaching the hard-to-reach pastoralist

and border communities using

community volunteers: Lesson from

Ethiopia based on three years of


Filimona Bisrat, MD, MPH

Board 2 Disseminating Cancer Education and

Navigation Resources to CHWs in


Katharine Nimmons, MSc, MPH

Board 3 Promoting community health workers’

roles in genomics education, service,

and outreach—

Lei-Shih Chen, Ph.D., P.T.,


Board 4 Sexual Violence Training for Community

Health Workers and Promotoras: An


Leah Meyers, Non-profit

Director/Social Worker

Board 5 A Mixed Methods Evaluation of Peer

Workforce Trainings: Problems and

Prospects for Public Health—


Garcia, MSW

Board 6 Evaluating a multi-site, standardized

training program for community health

workers: Processes for evaluation

design and implementation—


Mitchell, MSW

Board 7 Development of a curriculum for CHWs

focused on tobacco cessation—



Board 8 Experience Gained in Using Community

Health Workers to Promote

Hypertension Self-Management in a

Rural Community—

Martha M. Phillips,


Board 9 Effect of community health worker

interventions to promote psychosocial

outcomes among people living with


Hae-Ra Han, PhD, RN, FAAN

Board 10 A cross-sectional study on health

behaviors of promotoras delivering

programs to Latino communities in

South Texas—

Laura Esparza, MS, CHES

Organized by: Community Health Workers

Endorsed by: Women’s Caucus


CCC, Halls A/F

Behavioral Health Communication and

Informatics, Medication Adherence mHealth

Intervention, and Use of EHRs and PHRs

Board 1 Evidence-based evaluation of research

reproducibility along a spectrum of

accessibility and transparency: A pilot

study using the RepeAT tool—


Juehne, BA

Board 2 Developing a culturally-tailored

medication adherence mhealth

intervention for midlife and older adults

with multimorbid chronic conditions—

Robin J. Jacobs, PhD, MSW, MS, MPH

Board 3 Advancing the implementation of data

format standards: Creating a Master

Patient Index to collect, associate, and

aggregate patient identifiers across

multiple health record systems—


Nicole Tsukuda, MPH

Board 4 Electronic medical system change and

the effect on the health care team—

Carol von Michaelis, PA-C, RN, BSN,

MSPA, PhD Student in Public Health

Community Health Promotion

Board 5 Reaching women veterans through

social media: Issues and challenges for

health care—

Lien B. Nguyen, MPH, PhD

Doctoral Candidate

Board 6 Using social media to help lesbian and

gay young adults quit smoking—


Sanders-Jackson, PhD

Board 7 What Local Health Departments Need

to Know about Meaningful Use and

Implementation of an EHR—

Lux Phatak,


Board 8 Supporting the integration of HIV care

and behavioral health through health

communication and informatics—


Ramirez, M.S.P.H.