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8:30 a.m.—9:30 a.m.


CCC, Halls A/F

Current science and practices in smoking


Board 1 Examining smoking cessation in a

community-based vs. clinic-based

intervention using community based

participatory research—


Sheikhattari, MD, MPH

Board 2 Recruiting Teens for a Tailored

Text Message Tobacco Cessation

Intervention in Rhode Island: Formative

Research on Social Groups and

Enrollment Results—

Jodi Sperber, PhD

Board 3 Tired of Smoking?! Maintaining

Commitment to Smoking Prevention

and Cessation in Health Priority


Lula Beatty, PhD

Board 4 Smoking cessation activity among

new moms in a community-based

program: A current snapshot and next

steps of the Baby and Me Tobacco Free


Kristen Polinski, MSPH

Board 5 Telephone Counseling for Smokers with

Mental Health Conditions: Results of a

Randomized Trial—

Erin Rogers, MPH

Board 6 Smoking cessation treatment for

hospitalized smokers with serious

mental illness: Secondary analysis of

a randomized controlled trial—


Rogers, MPH

Board 7 Factors for Engagement in Four

Smoking Cessation Interventions—

Amanda Huffman, MPH

Board 8 Weekly engagement patterns in

an Internet smoking cessation

intervention: Do Mondays matter to


Kevin Welding, PhD

Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Endorsed by: APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights,

Cancer Forum


CCC, Halls A/F

New technology and approaches to expand

access to substance abuse treatment

Board 1 A smartphone app for reducing young

adults’ marijuana use: Preliminary


Sandy Wilson, MPH

Board 2 ECAM: Addressing multiple barriers to

substance abuse treatment—


Wilson, DDS, PhD

Board 3 Integrated, Co-located, Telemedicine-

Based Treatment Approaches for

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Management

for Individuals on Opioid Agonist


Lawrence S. Brown, MD,


Board 4 Implementation of the CCC Substance

Use Warmline: A new resource for

primary care—

Erin Lutes, RN, PHN, MS,


Board 5 Pathways to safer opioid use: An

interactive, simulation based eLearning

lesson to prevent opioid related adverse

drug events—

Elizabeth Squire, MA

Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Endorsed by: APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights


CCC, Halls A/F

Opioid use and treatment across populations

and geographies

Board 1 Post-hospital prescription narcotics

in the orthopedic trauma population—

Meghan Wally, MSPH

Board 2 Treatment of Dental Pain with

Prescription Narcotics Outside of

Dental Practices—

Meghan Wally, MSPH

Board 3 Mobile Health Apps to Address Opioid-

Use Disorders—

Brandon Johnson,

Ph.D.(c), M.B.A.

Board 4 Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Vermont:

Lessons Learned from Primary Care


Brittany Rocque

Board 5 Buprenorphine Products and

Formulations and Rate of Unintentional

Pediatric Exposures—

George Wang, MD

Board 6 Prevention Perspectives: A community-

based study of opioid use behaviors in

rural Indiana—

Nicole Zautra, MPH

Board 7 Examining the Influence Peer

Norms have on Nonmedical Use

of Prescription Drugs among a

National Sample of African American


Oladunni A. Oluwoye, PhD

Board 8 Prescription Reporting with Immediate

Medication Utilization Mapping

(PRIMUM): Addressing the prescription

narcotic epidemic using electronic

medical record-based clinical decision


Rachel Seymour, PhD

Board 9 Assessing Attitudes Towards

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

by Acute Care Prescribers—


Seymour, PhD

Board 10 Social Determinants of Prescription

Drug Usage in San Diego County—

Sanaa Abedin, MPH

Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Endorsed by: APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights,

Caucus on Homelessness, Chiropractic Health Care,

Injury Control and Emergency Health Services, Oral



CCC, Halls A/F

Population-based tobacco cessation

Board 1 Expanding Reach of Tobacco Cessation

Programs: Lessons Learned in


Laura McCann, MSEd

Board 2 Effects of resource awareness on

Indiana adult smokers’ intention to quit


YoungJu Shin

Board 3 New York Quitline: Changes in Reach

Over Time and Comparison to Other

State Quitlines—

Nathan Mann, BA

Board 4 Improving tobacco dependence

treatment among patients served

by New York State FQHCs through

modifications and enhancements to

electronic health records systems,

screens and prompts—

Marcy Hager, MA

Board 5 A Family-Based Lay Health Worker

Intervention to Promote Use of Quitline,

Nicotine Replacement Therapy and

Family Support Among Vietnamese

American Smokers: A Randomized

Controlled Trial—

Janice Y. Tsoh, PhD

Board 6 Disseminating a Tele-mentoring

Tobacco Cessation Case Consultation

and Provider Education Model to

Community Mental Health Centers in


Jennifer Cofer, MPH, CHES

Board 7 Role of smokeless tobacco use in

mediating the impact of dental visits

and dental advice on smoking cessation

across income groups—

Courtney Keeler,


Board 8 Health System Change Components

Necessary for Successful

Implementation of Ask, Advise, and

Refer Smoking Cessation Model in

Denver Health and Hospital Authority


Ava Cannon, BBA

Board 9 Are dentists aware of Medicaid benefits

for tobacco cessation?—

Kim Hayes,


Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Endorsed by: APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights,

Cancer Forum, Oral Health


CCC, Halls A/F

Youth tobacco use, risks, and perceptions

Board 1 Other Substance Use in Electronic-


Deric Kenne, PhD

Board 2 Beliefs, Attitudes, and Knowledge of

Hookah Smoking Among College-Aged


Christina Ventura-DiPersia,

MPH, DrPH(c)

Board 3 Latent Class Analysis to Examine

Patterns of Smoking and Other Tobacco


Nadra Lisha, Ph.D.

Board 4 School Based Recruitment: Recruiting

Middle and High School Students

At-Risk for Tobacco Use—

Dana Wagner,


Board 5 Characterizing young dual-smokers

and single-product smokers in the 2014

National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS)—

Elizabeth L. Seaman, MHS

Board 6 Situational smoking behavior and

product acquisition among adolescent

multi-tobacco users of cigarettes and

cigars, cigarillos, and little cigars—

Erika S. Trapl, PhD

Board 7 College student’s behavior, health

beliefs, intentions, and norms regarding


Michael Dunn, PhD

Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Endorsed by: APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights,

Cancer Forum


CCC, Halls A/F

Health Administration/Maternal & Child

Health Student Posters

Board 1 Recent preventive health screening

history among emergency department

HIV self-testing kiosk users—


Tillman, MPH, BSN, RN

Board 2 Improving Pregnancy Outcomes

in African Americans: Implications

of Maternal Racial Identity on


Wanda Burton, MS

Board 3 Student Development in Public

Health Education: An Interdisciplinary

Experience of Engaging with News

Media and Current Events on Twitter—

Donneisha Owens

Board 4 Eating and Physical Activity Behaviors

as Predictors of Childhood Psychosocial


Lena Saleh