Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne
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Editor's welcome

Welcome back, to our second issue of

Trafika Europe

. We

want to help make it easy to find and savour some exquisite

works from the vast treasure we all share, of contemporary

writing from across the European continent.

Our Polish Nocturne begins with a chapter from

A Treatise

on Shelling Beans

, by Wiesław Myśliwski, one of Eastern

Europe's grand novelists. In wry, gentle, piqued prose, the

caretaker of a holiday housing complex in rural Poland

regales a stranger with tales from his life. We follow this

with poetry by Tomasz Różycki, chiefly from


, a

sonnet sequence of startling craft and depth, showcasing

this poet on the brittle edge of Polish consciousness, loss

and healing, destruction and exile – and moving on; this is

one of the finest works of poetry from Poland in our times.

And check out our

animated video

of the poem,



read by Ewa Chrusciel, which appears in this issue. In this

dense, incantatory work, in this litany of longing, an

English-speaking land is weighed against a Poland she's left

behind – even in the very differing syllables and how they

form on the tongue. We're pleased to introduce Polish

animator Dominika Jackowska with this video. Title page

photos throughout this issue are by Adam Pańczuk.