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tion in Islam. 755 ILCS 5/15-1 and 2.

This outcome begs the question: how

can a Muslim fulfill both state and Sharia

mandates through estate planning?

Trusts and Other Estate Planning Devices

The answer lies in the creation of trusts and

other estate planning documents. A trust is

a fiduciary arrangement that allows a third

party (trustee) to hold assets on behalf of a

beneficiary (such as the heirs).

Black’s Law


1740 (10th ed. 2014). Trusts

are flexible instruments that specify how

much and when certain assets should pass

to the beneficiaries.

See generally

760 ILCS


et seq.

Other estate planning vehicles,

such as family limited partnerships, can

also be used for a similar purpose.

In Illinois, trusts have the added ben-

efit of preventing a surviving spouse from

circumventing a decedent’s wishes. As

described above, a surviving spouse may

renounce a decedent’s will and take his or

her statutory “elective share” against the

decedent’s estate. 755 ILCS 5/2-8. How-

ever, Illinois does not include trust assets

in the definition of a decedent’s “estate.”

See Johnson v. La Grange State Bank,

73 Ill.

2d 342, 364 (1978). Accordingly, Muslims

can place their assets in trusts to ensure a

distribution that comports with Sharia law.

Individuals should seek competent legal

counsel in addition to Islamic scholars to

draft wills, trusts and other estate planning

documents. Doing so ensures that a dece-

dent can rest knowing they have fulfilled

an Islamic mandate, complied with state

law and met their family’s needs.

Furqan Mohammed is an associate in the

Chicago office of Perkins Coie LLP. Furqan

has a broad litigation and counseling back-

ground and he helps companies and start-ups

that focus on halal, Muslim-centric and/

or Sharia-compliant products and services.

Lucy Park, a partner in the Chicago office of

Perkins Coie LLP, is an estate planner who

advises couples and families, as well as fidu-

ciaries and beneficiaries, on the administra-

tion of trusts and decedents’ estates, probate

and pre- and post-mortem estate planning.

The Judicial Perspective on Motion Practice

Wednesday, October 21, 3:00–6:00 pm

MCLE Credit: 2.75 IL PR-MCLE credits (subject to approval)

Location: The Chicago Bar Association, 321 South Plymouth Court, Chicago, IL

Presented by: YLS Tort Litigation

A panel of three experienced Cook County judges will address various aspects of litigating a lawsuit from

pleading to trial preparation and settlement.The panelists will also discuss their perspective fromthe bench,

offering pointers and common pet peeves for newand experienced lawyers alike.These panelists will discuss

General Pleading Issues, Dismissal for Lack Of Diligence (SCR 103(b)Motions), Amending Pleadings/Relation

Back Doctrine, Motions to Dismiss: 2-615, 2-619, Common Discovery Disputes/Privileges (Scope, Motions

to Compel, Social Media), Settlement of Minor/Disabled Person’s Injury/Wrongful Death Suit, and Appeals

of Partial Final Judgments (SCR 304) and Certified Questions/Interlocutory Appeals (SCR 308)

Speakers include:

Judge Larry G. Axelrood, LawDivision, Circuit Court of Cook County; Judge JohnH. Ehrlich,

Law Division, Circuit Court of Cook County; JudgeWilliam E. Gomolinski, Law Division, Circuit Court of Cook

County; and Moderators Matthew Howeth, Curcio Law Offices; Chair, YLS Tort Litigation Committee; and

Peter Nozicka, Lucas & Cardenas and James Gay;Vice-Chairs,YLSTort Litigation Committee. Meg Ledebuhr,

Berger Schatz; Chair, CBA Adoption Law Committee; and Barbara Sereda, President, Adoption Advocates of

America; Vice Chair, CBA Adoption Law Committee.