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Congratulations on your first step towards keeping California’s waterways safe.

The boating safety course you are about to begin is designed to provide California

boaters with state specific boating laws and federal navigation requirements in

an eight hour home study environment. These laws apply to recreational vessels

including power, sail, personal watercraft and paddlecraft such as kayaks, canoes

and stand up paddleboards.

The course, includes a 60-question, multiple-choice test booklet, answer sheet and

return envelope to be sent to the Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) for

scoring. Boaters will receive from DBW a certificate of completion upon passing

the test (80 percent and above). The certificate is accepted for court-ordered

requirements. A complete list of other court ordered acceptable courses can be

found on the division’s website: .

Have a safe and pleasant boating experience, and remember, if it’s your boat,

it’s your responsibility!

About DBW:

July 1, 2013 marked an important milestone for the Department of Parks and

Recreation (State Parks) and the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW). It is

the date in which Boating and Waterways officially became a Division under State

Parks. The merger is part of Governor Brown’s Reorganization Plan to consolidate

and simplify the State’s organizational structure. The merger adds efficiencies by

combining and streamlining duplicative functions, thereby reducing costs and

saving taxpayer dollars. This is a positive move by the Administration, and one that

will strengthen the resources and services Boating and Waterways gives to their

constituents. DBW’s principal mission, function and funding will not be affected

by the merger. State Parks and DBW are both leaders in recreation. We are looking

forward to the new changes and the positive impacts that the merger will have on

California’s waterways.


California Natural Resources Agency

California State Parks


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