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Editor's welcome

Welcome to

Trafika Europe issue 3: Latvian Sojourn

. In

these pages, you’ll find a modest sampling of some of the

finest Latvian writers working today. Latvia is emerging

from some scars of history with a narrative of renewal;

several pieces here navigate this legacy with an almost

fatalistic, fairy-tale confidence in the healing power of art.

We begin with a premiere of Oswalds Zebris’

In the Shadow

of Rooster Hill

, set in a Latvian village following the popular

uprising of 1905. Then comes poetry by Edvīns Raups, a

rarely sensual and profound delight. Next, enjoy Jānis

Einfelds’ “magic and terrible” tales. We’re thrilled to debut

the first novel by a leading poet, playwright and

intellectual, Māra Zālīte, an autobiographical memoir of life

on her grandfather’s farm after her family’s return from

Siberia. There’s a preview of Inga Ābele’s forthcoming novel


, translated by Kaija Straumanis of

Three Percent

. And

we’re reprinting a story from Nora Ikstena that helped

garner her the Annual Latvian Literature Award. Thanks

especially to super-translator Margita Gailitis for her help

and contribution with this issue.

Pictures taken in and around Riga from some wonderful

photographers adorns these pages – see notes at the end for

all details. To top it off, we’ve made a

short animated video

to celebrate the beloved, recently departed Latvian poet