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Jacob’s Puppet Theatre

“Well, son, you’ve already grown up, on your tenth

birthday I’m giving you this gift, like a completely

perpendicular cream torte, it’s a puppet theatre I built


The inside of a white cylinder. Fragility. In the foreground a

beggar appears, who calls himself the Sun, because he’s

caught a bit of it, and if you look into his eyes you can

become dizzy or get sunstroke. From the wings a barrel of

tar is pushed out, the beggar hates that and ignores it. Then

from the other side comes a hunchback, reeling and

puffing, with a Mephistopheles mask pulled over his face.

Satan grabs some tar with a teaspoon and, splash, throws it

on the beggar’s head. The beggar curses at first, in the end

begins to whimper and spit saliva. The hunchback throws a

pinch of tar back. Masses flood over.

Then the bell jingles, because there’s a confrontation of

white and black strength. This is an eternal battle, and the

victor can’t be determined. This repeats a couple of times.

Bells jungle, and flingings of tar form the background. In

the heat of battle a meat grinder with the mouth of a bear,

exhaling the smell of ground beef, its handle a

foreshortened feathered leg, lumbers to center stage. The

meat grinder dips a foot into the tar and, turning the leg in

a circle, pitches. A ball hits the Sun above the eyebrow.