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He had something to eat and went to the shed and got out

some nails and two hammers and practised hammering on

the anvil. He found some tar and hemp, heated the tar in a

bucket on a primus and cut two lengths of hemp. After

dinner Barbro joined him and lay on a rug under the boat

holding a rock while Lars lay inside and hammered the

rivets home. It now had a light-coloured board and a light-

coloured half rib, contrasting with the other timber which

was black with tar. They launched the boat, jumped on

board and drifted in the wind. A few drops seeped in.

Barbro said they had done a good job. What about the

helm? Lars said he would fix it the next day. They rowed

around the headland, pulled the boat ashore and set it

upright. Barbro walked home. Lars collected a few buckets

of sea water and poured enough into the boat to cover the

repair so that the boards would expand. When he had

finished they had swollen. He went to the new landing

stage where he disentangled and repaired the line they had

saved. He wondered if he should wash it as well.

Wash tackle in mid-season?

He decided not to, and instead slung the line-holders with

the rest of the tackle on the baiting bench. It was dark and

snowing heavily as he walked home. In the kitchen window

he spotted a face. It was Felix, who had got up and was

waiting for him.