Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll
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She simply shrugged. “I can’t tell the future, sweet cakes.

What does your guy say about it?”

“Everyone is moving there. You should think about it

yourself, Anna.”

“With what money? And how am I going to feed my son

over there? I’m not going to start streetwalking in New

York just to get away from these German hicks! Anyway,

America is only for the rich.”

“Your Dr. Freud has left the country.”

“Then there will be plenty of work for us here.”

“My mother-in-law says the Nazis are going to eliminate

the Jews.”

“So you have nothing to worry about. You aren’t Jewish.

And I’ll be fine. They won’t come looking for me in Purk!

Anyway, Wagner-Jauregg has always kept an eye out for

me. And my kid is staying with good people. They would

never rat him out.”

On April 10, the referendum ballots were inscribed with two

circles: a big one for Yes and a tiny one for No. As if that

weren’t enough, Nazi officials inspected every ballot as the

voters emerged from the polling booth, passing the paper