Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll
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do for the disease’s complications. “I know what I’m talking

about,” Napoleon said. “Good wishes and constant care,

there isn’t much more in our power.”

Old Tóvó assumed an educated man would not think much

of household remedies, and he could not bring himself to

ask the doctor for any



As it was, he felt he had no other choice than to do what the

city’s inhabitants did when the German privateer “Baron

von Hompesch” plundered Tórshavn’s trade coffers: go out

and beg.

The farmers on Húsagar


ur had meat, but knocking on a

Sunman’s door, hat in hand – that was not something he

could face.

However, Old Tóvó swallowed his shame and made the trip

to Quillinsgar


ur to the former county administrator’s wife

Anna Sofie von Løbner. He stood in the doorway, and for a

moment, while she tapped her knuckles with her fingers,

she looked at him in surprise.

Old Tóvó could well remember when Anna Sofie was one of



bonden’s milkmaids. Her father was a cooper, so

she was known as Cooper’s Anna Sofie. She was a shapely

woman, and thanks to her plump figure, she was asked to

play one of the maids in Holberg’s comedy

The Lying-in