Summer - 2019 “Our mission is to protect, restore, and improve our lake’s water quality and fragile ecosystem. We will create and nurture a community of lake stewards, educate users on lake safety, and always be mindful that human needs must be balanced with the needs of the natural environment.” Little Sebago Lake Association

Little Sebago Lake Association Summer 2019

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Little Sebago Lake Association P.O. Box 912, Windham, ME 04062-0912 • 207-809-4706 info@littlesebagolake.com • www.littlesebagolake.com


President’s Message Proactive not Reactive 2019

There is no doubt that we had a real winter! There was plenty of ice that measured at least 20 inches deep and for a few weekends you could skate from one end of the lake to the other on crystal clear ice that was fun to see through. Ice fishing, ice hockey, tubing or skiing behind snowmobiles or just sitting on the beach with your face to the sun were winter activities providing lots of fun and keeping the four walls from closing in. February 2 nd ’ s prediction of an early spring was just not true. We endured sub-zero temps for a very long time and we are still waiting at the end of March for the hot sun to start melting the ice to replenish our lake with new cleansing waters. Our annual meeting last year at the American Legion in Gray opened the doors to a better seating plan, air conditioning and easy access for all. Mark your calendars for July 13 th to keep abreast of all the dynamic programs that are happening on your lake, peruse the new merchandise and just socialize with the lake community. This year we will be proposing a by-law change to the membership in order to begin the annual meeting earlier so we can leave earlier to enjoy our special weekends on the lake.

Over the winter the board of directors and committee members have worked to update and create new initiatives. Flipping the pages ahead will give you some of what has been worked on throughout this winter. I encourage you to educate yourself on what is happening on, around and within the lake to maintain the mission. Thank you to all those who have helped the board of directors to achieve our goals. Your dedication, volunteering and monetary assistance is what assures our successes. I am blessed to serve with a board of directors and committee members who are caring, professional, and proactive in thought, bringing to the table suggestions to further our programs to maintain the lake’s existence which leads to a memorable summer for all.

May the warm sun always be on your face and the gentle breeze keep you cool,

Pam Wilkinson LSLA President

2019 LSLA Annual Meeting Saturday, July 13 th , 2019 • American Legion Auxiliary Hall • 15 Lewiston Rd., (Route 100 & 202) Gray, ME 9:30 – 10:00AM social hour and peruse our merchandise; 10:00 – 12:00 meeting begins and ends.

Updates on our dam, safety, water quality, milfoil programs plus much more that benefit your lake. Socialize with new and old friends and see the merchandise that is excellent for gifts or yourself! Someone visited our lake last year and wanted to see what made it so special. It’s the people. The building is air conditioned and easy to find. Though we are not meeting on the lake, we promise to have a view for you. LSLA Board of Directors

Plant Give Away at the Annual Meeting Once again -with the help of O’Donal’s Nursery we will be providing 100 large, 10 inch potted plants and native plants for you to improve your buffer with. First come – first served to any supporting member of LSLA.


Safety Patrol From Sharon Lamontagne

Reflecting on our slogan of Safety is NO Accident , I am reminded of and so grateful for the team of people that I have behind me to run this program. We will continue to educate and try our best to avoid accidents like last summers. There are hundreds of hours involved in this effort of keeping us all safe. But we still don’t reach everyone. We had a very serious accident that was investigated by the warden service. A reckless jet skier out after dark crashed into a float. Luckily there was only minor personal injury but property damage did occur. So we will continue to preach, educate, remind, and focus on safety. The State of Maine had a total of 4 recreational boat crashes last summer that resulted in 4 deaths, 11 property damaged boat crashes that involved more than $2000.00 in damages, and 10 personal injury crashes that involved the Warden Service. Although these numbers are down dramatically from 2017, Little Sebago Lake is unfortunate to be one of the lakes included in 2018’s statistic. I will briefly outline some of what we will be working on this summer. First and foremost is the ever present and extremely visible Patrol Boat, captained and managed by Roger Leblanc with his crew of John Bernier, Earl Spalding, Kate Martin and Cedric Harkin. We expect to be out every Friday through Sunday this summer and the entire week of July 4 th . The primary role of the boat is to observe boating behavior, promote the association, provide life preservers and assistance when needed, educate, and be a constant reminder to us all that safety matters. You may occasionally also see the boat this summer hanging close to the milfoil boat while the divers are underwater. There have been some close calls with boats coming too

close and putting the divers at risk. We will be using the patrol boat when necessary to keep others a safe distance away to protect the divers. We will also be managing the schedule for the State of Maine Wardens to be on our lake most every weekend. Last year, they were with us 17 days and checked 638 boats, writing only 25 citations. We will again be sponsoring the National Association of State Boating Law class on a date in June to be determined. A total of 725 Mainers took this class last year. Please look for more information on our website and or be sure you have provided us with a good email address and we will send out the information when it is available. The State of Maine is also offering many classes throughout the area. Information can be found at www.maine.gov/ifw/ programs-resources/safety-courses/boating- safety . If you cannot find a course, call the regional safety coordinator at 207-287-5220. We will cover the cost of any supporting member of our association who chooses to take any of these classes. Something new that we are starting this year will be private water safety education sessions. We will come to your property on a Saturday morning for an hour or so to emphasize our commitment to safety. This will be geared to children and we will go over proper fitting of life preservers, rescue and throw ring techniques, paddle board and kayak laws, age limits for boat driving, and give a little tour of our boat. If interested in scheduling a session, please reach out to us through our website or call 207-809-4706. And finally, we are working with the towns of Windham and Gray along with the Emergency Dispatch Center in Windham. Predetermined access points have been identified and at the start of each of our drivers shifts, they will call the dispatch center and give them the hours that we will be on the lake. If there is a 911 emergency call made to the dispatch center, the appropriate agency will be dispatched and then they will call us. If we are available and able to help in any way, we will. Thank you and remember…………….. Safety is NO Accident!


13 th Annual Pirate Parade Ahoy, Maties! The annual Pirate Parade is bound to be full of fun and adventure for all!

Dress your boats, your children, your grandparents and your pets. Climb on board a seaworthy vessel and join us JULY 27 at 2 PM . Please note date change! Rain date will be announced on Facebook and would be held the following day. We look forward to seeing everyone out on the high seas and looking for pirates along the shorelines! The parade commences on the middle lake side of the lower narrows at 2 and proceeds up the middle lake to the Sand Bar before the upper narrows where you can toss an anchor over and enjoy some fun with your fellow Pirates.

As always, please do not throw water balloons or other objects onto people’s boats. Please be aware there are small children and cameras aboard. When decorating please keep your registration stickers viewable. Thank you!


I Remember When… It all happened several years ago, when I was website editor for Little Sebago LakeAssociation. I was always amazed at the stories that people sent about their fond times with family and friends on Little Sebago. I received and email from a

Camp Sweet Content By Carol Ann Doucette

the outlines in the photo. I could not find the direction as I looked to the west, thinking I would never know who those people from the past were located. One of the photos identified a Hacker Hall holding a baby whose last name was Skillins. Of course you know that the Skillins family still lives on the west side of the lake off Cambell Shore Rd. The knowledgeable Kimberly Skillins Shelley was my next person to

contact. After sharing the pictures I had, she surprisingly knew of Camp Content and……. It still existed! Filled with excitement, Kim took me to the exact place that the photos were taken. The

lady in Costa Rica, asking me if I would be interested in some old pictures she had found when a family member had passed away. At the time she sent me several pictures and then also sent a full CD with many more. Inside that CD was the story of her family starting around 1902 and their time on their “beloved Little Sebago”. The pictures and story intrigued me and sent me on a mission to find out where “Camp Sweet Content” was located. I had the photo of the

cottage remained exactly as it had been in the photos. I could not believe it. A place frozen in time! The view looking over the rock walls towards the lake had been obstructed by trees over the years but I could still envision what those owners may have seen at the time. The current owners, after renting the cottage for 30 years, finally purchased it several years ago, leaving it unchanged. It is a tribute to those who preserve the past so we in the present can appreciate the simpler ways things used to be. I was so taken by this cottage that I actually painted it and have made thank you cards to share with those loving the lake. Enjoy these pictures knowing that many before you love this lake as much as you do and knew what a privilege it is to be able to be on its shores and experiencing its beauty.

view looking east on the middle lake, towards the islands. Our cottage at that time was on the other side of the lake, directly across from the picture. I would envision them looking down at the place that our cottage was located, at that time undeveloped land. It was winter and I made my way out on the ice, standing with the photo, trying to match it up with


What is the Spring Appeal?

When you have questions concerning Little Sebago Lake and its community, where do you turn? If you are like most members, you visit the LSLA website, newsletter or Facebook page. Or perhaps, you will reach out to one of our board members? Why? Because you know you will receive current information concerning the health, safety and activities on Little Sebago from those who love it most- Little Sebago Lake Association members. Gone are the days when the majority of lake love was spent between Memorial and Labor days. Little Sebago requires year round attention and planning to assure that when summer arrives and peak season begins, we are full steam ahead with all that our association offers our membership. The Dam Crew, Safety Patrol, Milfoil divers, and Loon lovers are all suiting up for another splendid summer season. The LSLA’s season kickoff begins with this newsletter and our Spring Appeal. We will request support from over 1000 lake owners and, in keeping with our mission, “… create and nurture a community of lake stewards, educate users on lake safety, and always be mindful that human needs must be balanced with the needs of the natural environment”.

Your donation isextremely important because it offers immediate resources that are directed at fulfilling our mission. The suggested giving categories are structured to provide a level that is most comfortable for you and your family. Every dollar donated is used for the health and longevity of Little Sebago Lake and the property surrounding it. As property owners, we all have a vested interest in Little Sebago. We are hoping to secure 80% participation in 2019, and will report more specific donor support information at our annual meeting in July. Every dollar counts. May we count on you? Little Sebago Lake has a robust and engaged community of families; some going back many generations. It is our goal to continue to protect and preserve our lake for the future generations to come. You may return the enclosed donor support form OR pay online at https://littlesebagolake.com/giving/ . Thank you to all who support the association and the beneficial programs created for you and yours. See you on the water! Debra Lavoie Membership Committee Merchandise Update 2019 Calendars have been reduced to $12 - a good price with 9 months remaining, but also a great opportunity to enjoy some beautiful photos of the lake. It’s always nice to save a copy as a souvenir of the lake. Laminated maps are expected to arrive in a couple of months. The Association is working with Cumberland County Soil and Water to update the lake map to include identification of previously unnamed coves, roads and points. A message will be posted on the Association website when the maps are available.


Monitoring Lake Clarity?

(Transparency) With A Secchi Disk One simple method of assessing the effect of cultural eutrophication in lakes is to measure the concentration of planktonic (suspended) algae in the water. Algae are at the base of the lake ecosystem food web. Volunteer water quality monitors begin monitoring their lake by measuring Secchi disk transparency. The Secchi disk is a simple device that is used to estimate algal concentrations, based on water clarity. Volunteers in the LSM are provided with a viewing scope and a Secchi disk that is attached to a calibrated line. They are instructed on the procedure for taking a Secchi disk reading by training staff. This procedure is optimum for identifying water quality trends over time. Readings are generally taken at the deepest point in a lake.

The Secchi disk is generally a reliable device for quickly and inexpensively assessing lake water quality. The primary uses of Secchi transparency data are: 1) to characterize or define the existing water quality of a lake, and 2) to identify and track long-term water quality trends. Secchi disk transparency is an indirect water quality indicator, because an assumption is made that water clarity is affected primarily by algal growth in the water. That assumption is reasonable in most cases. However, other factors may influence transparency, including the amount of sediment that is suspended in the water, and natural water color. Natural color and suspended sediments vary widely from one lake to another. Color is influenced by the concentration of natural dissolved organic substances in the water. These “humic acids” can stain the water in some lakes to the point where light penetration into the water column is substantially attenuated. Shallow


lakes may be subject to moderate concentrations of re-suspended bottom sediments in the water column, resulting from wind turbulence. Both color and sediment can limit the utility of Secchi transparency data as an indicator of biological productivity. However, for most Maine lakes, Secchi transparency is a reliable and relatively accurate method for assessing water quality. The tiny plants (algae or phytoplankton) and animals (zooplankton) that are suspended in lake water influence transparency. These living aquatic communities undergo seasonal and annual growth cycles, resulting in changes in their overall density, and in their location in the water column. Secchi transparency is often at a low point soon after the ice melts in the spring. That is when lakes mix, or “turn over,” causing nutrients and sediments from the lake bottom to become suspended in the water for a period of time. Silica that is swept up from the bottom sediments stimulates the growth of diatoms, a type of algae that experiences peak growth in the spring and fall (see diagram below). Diatom “blooms” often result in a brief period of reduced transparency in lakes. As the water warms and stabilizes during the summer, other types of algae will dominate the water column, depending on water temperature, nutrient levels and other factors. Some lakes become progressively less clear through the summer months,

while others may become clearer. The concentration of phosphorus in the water, the shape and depth of the lake basin, the orientation of the basin to prevailing winds, and the weather all influence water clarity, or transparency. Individual lakes are unique in the way that they respond to these influences. Volunteer lake water quality monitors learn over time what is “normal” for the lake that they monitor. Many Secchi transparency readings are needed over a period of years in order to confidently detect and track trends in lake water quality. The natural variability of water clarity and other indicators of lake quality complicates the detection of trends, which is why many complete seasons of data are generally needed in order to be able to recognize a true change in water quality. Thus volunteers are asked to collect complete seasons of data from May through September—or later—each year.

Article reprinted with permission from: Lake Stewards of Maine 24 Maple Hill Rd, Auburn, Maine 04210 Phone: 207-783-7733 Email: stewards@lakestewardsme.org



RAFFLE TICKET HELP IN THE PREVENTION OF MILFOIL Drawing tobeheldonSaturday, July 13,2019at “TheAnnual Meeting” 3FOR $25 “2019 LSLA FUND RAISER” ➊ L.L.Bean11’PaddleboardPackage (shown left) . ➋ Nikon ® Monarch 7Binoculars (Shownbottom center) . ➌ TwoMaineAdirondack chairsmade byAllanAlterman andSteveSohn (Shownbottom right) . RAFFLE TICKET HELP IN THE PREVENTION OF MILFOIL Drawing tobeheldonSaturday, July 13, 2019at “TheA nual Meeting” 3FOR $25 “2019 LSLA FUND RAISER” $10 EACH ➊ L.L.Bean11’PaddleboardPackage (shown left) . ➋ Nikon ® Monarch 7Binoculars (Shown bottom center) . ➌ TwoMaineAdirondack chairsmadebyAllanAlterman andSteveSohn (Shownbottom right) . RAFFLE TICKET HELP IN THE PREVENTION OF MILFOIL Drawing to beheld onSaturday, July13, 2019 at “TheAnnual Meeting” 3FOR $25 “2019 LSLA FUND RAISER” $10 EACH ➊ L.L.Bean 11’PaddleboardPackage (shown left) . ➋ Nikon ® Monarch 7Binoculars (Shownbottom center) . ➌ TwoMaineAdirondack chairsmade byAllanAlterman andSteveSohn (Shown bottom right) . $10 EACH

Name __________________ Address _________________ Name __________________ Address _________________ Name __________________ Address _________________

_________________________ Phone ____________________ _________________________ Phone ____________________ _________________________ Phone ____________________

Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets and send in the stubs with your member donation! THREE GREAT PRIZES! TICKETS ARE $10 00 EACH OR 3 FOR $25 00 Raffle tickets will be coming in your annual dues bill. Please show your support for the Lake Association by buying as many as you can, and you could be the winner of one of our three great prizes shown below. Winners to be picked at the annual meeting! Thanks!

Nikon® Monarch 7 Binoculars

L.L. Bean 11’ Paddleboard Package

Two beautiful hand made Adirondack chairs Winner to be picked at the annual meeting!

Help our fund raising efforts by contacting us to purchase more raffle tickets, by emailing us at: info@littlesebagolake.com


Little Sebago Lake Fish Stocking Report 2002 - 2018 Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife fish stocking numbers for Little Sebago Lake. Includes the date of stocking as well as the species, quantity, and size of fish released.


1500 Brown Trout 12”




1500 Brown Trout 14” 150 Rainbow Trout 14” 30 Brown Trout 24” 1500 Brown Trout 14” 150 Rainbow Trout 16” 10 Brown Trout 24” 1200 Brown Trout 14” 150 Rainbow Trout 14” 75 Brown Trout 20”

500 Brown Trout 13” 500 Brown Trout 12” 700 Rainbow Trout 13” 500 Brown Trout 13” 500 Brown Trout 12” 700 Rainbow Trout 13”

1000 Brown Trout 13” 700 Rainbow Trout 14”




1000 Brown Trout 12” 700 Rainbow Trout 14”


1000 Brown Trout 14” 700 Rainbow Trout 14”



1000 Brown Trout 12” 500 Rainbow Trout 9”


700 Rainbow Trout 14” 1000 Brown Trout 13”



1000 Brown Trout 12” 602 Rainbow Trout 11”

1500 Brown Trout 12” 500 Rainbow Trout 12”


1000 Brown Trout 13” 700 Rainbow Trout 14”



1000 Brown Trout 11-12” 725 Rainbow Trout 13-19”

1500 Brown Trout 14” 700 Rainbow Trout 8”


1000 Brown Trout 12” 700 Rainbow Trout 14”

2020 Calendar Announcement The 2020 LSLAcalendar is currently being created so they can be available for theAnnual Meeting in July 2019. I’m looking for a variety of images capturing all 4 seasons on our beautiful lake. To all the amazing photographers on our lake - if you have high resolution pictures and would like to have them considered for selection, please submit them to dburnell@littlesebagolake.com . BYLAWS CHANGE The LSLA Board of Directors is proposing a Bylaws change to be voted on by the membership at this year’s Annual Meeting. The purpose of the proposed change is to allow for an earlier start for the meeting. • Current wording: An annual meeting of the members shall be held on the second Saturday in the month of July in each year, beginning with the year 1956, at the hour of 10:00 AM. • Proposed wording: An annual meeting of the members shall be held on the second Saturday in the month of July in each year, beginning with the year 1956. The time of the meeting will be made known by the Board of Directors via newsletter, electronically, and/or by other appropriate methods.


Dam Committee Report

Rod Bernier My wife Sherene and I moved to Little Sebago with our daughter 26 years ago. Our son has lived here for all of his 21 years and helps with Hopkins Dam work. I have been a Director on the Little Sebago Lake Association(LSLA) board for over 25 years. I’ve worn many different hats while serving as a Director. I’m a past LSLA president and have served on many committees. I’ve been helping with the dam since I moved onto the lake. When Bruce Micucci gave up his position as a Director many years ago, I became the Dam Committee liaison to the LSLA. I report to the other LSLA Directors on dam activity, conditions and needs. I also help with opening and closing the dam gate and with general maintenance on and around the dam. When the weather starts to turn cold through the time until it starts to get warm again, I check the dam at least a couple of times a week to make sure there are no leaks, no damage and no debris or objects caught in the dam gate or sluiceway. I, along with Bruce, are responsible for notifying downstream operators of any water flow changes. I work with the Dam Committee to ensure that we have a safe, compliant, well-operating dam that will benefit Little Sebago Lake and downstream water bodies today and for many years to come. Justine Beaudoin Greetings, my name is Justine Bohnson Beaudoin and I have lived on Little Sebago Lake since I was 9. My great

Having held our first Dam Committee meeting of the year on March 6th we wanted to say a bit about each member of our Dam Crew and what their responsibilities are on the team. It is important for us that the home owners around the lake know that we share your passion for Little Sebago Lake and that we have for many years at many levels. Bruce Micucci My wife Virginia, my two sons, and I moved to Little Sebago Lake in 1984. Our family now includes three adult grandchildren. I have served for over 25 years on the LSLA Board including two terms as President. I worked with the board and state to implement the first water quality testing program on the lake. In the 20 years I ran the program I got to see my granddaughter become the youngest certified water quality tester in the state at age 14. With Rick Sullivan now carrying on the program we have a documented understanding of the health and directional progression of Little Sebago Lake. For just about all of my 35 years here I have been the Dam Keeper. First as a crew member to Dave Hopkins and then to Dam Keeper after Dave Hopkins early passing. Dave’s simple philosophy of “you can do little about low water, but you can ruin a lot of people’s lives with high water” is there as a reminder every time we turn the wheel. My primary responsibilities are insuring the water level is where it should be at the mandated times of the year, and making sure we are compliant with State Dam Inspector, the State Dam Safety Office, and IFW Regulations.


Dam Committee Report

grandfather John was the first of 6 generations to settle on the Cambell Shore Side of the lake. That was back when the camp was surrounded by a barbed wire fence to keep the cattle from the Cambell Farm out of the yard. My grandparents Dr Richard Bohnson and his wife Margaret and my Great Uncle John Bohnson moved into the two camps on Sunset Cove and there my Dad , Richard Jr , his brother Paul , and twin sisters Ann and Ethel (Chris) grew up with their cousin John. I ventured on the lake when I was a young kid where boats took the place of bikes and homework was done lakeside until it was too cold to do so. I feel blessed to have grown up here and to be able to see my children and my family members make memories here is a something I hope continues for generations to come. My roll with The Little Sebago Lake Dam Committee is to monitor the weather to inform Bruce and Rod of any severe flood or rain risks and to give them lead time to adjust the dam for the water flow into the lake. I became NOAA SKYWARN Certified 5 years ago and have a great weather community that keeps me informed. I love weather and to be able to use the tools I have to help the lake that I’ve called home for 40 years is something I feel honored to do. David Vance My parents Don & Joanne Vance re-built

our summer camp on Little Sebago Lake in 1966. This was our camp during my childhood and continues to be camp. My Mom served as the Lake Association Secretary for a bit, back when Ed Langlois was President. She also worked with Grace Broadway on the board of directors. My wife, Judy, our two daughters and I built our home on Little Sebago In 1990. We recently built a smaller home on the Lake in 2016. Our Family has grown to include three grandchildren. I have helped with the Dam Committee for a couple of years now. Previously I completed the installation of new oak timber seals on the footing and door bottom. I also replaced the wooden deck. My responsibilities are to help monitor the structural integrity of the dam, and check the conditions of the lower Dams. Look for sink holes and maintain and grease the lift gears. Other members of the extended crew are Jonathan Bernier and Jim Theis


Wake Up! By Kevin Murphy

Wake up! No, wait, wake down! Why? Let’s get into this wavering topic. As we surf through this, other resource material will be referenced that I urge you to review. We all know about the infamous “No Wake Zone” that many ignore. Some feel it doesn’t apply to them. Others have no idea the rule exists. Then there’s those that think they are honoring the rule, but really not. So just what is this rule and what does it really mean? First, you have to understand what Maine considers as a “water safety zone”. The official definition from the Maine Boating Guide is, “the area of water within 200 feet of any shoreline, whether the shoreline of the mainland or of an island” (1). This zone is referenced by Maine Statute on the lawful operating speed of a watercraft. Basically, the law says the boat must be operated at headway speed within this zone (2). OK, what is headway speed? Headway speed is the minimum speed the vessel may operate safely and under control. If the speed is too slow, then steering the watercraft may be a challenge endangering others around you. It is not a miles per hour, it is slowest you can go while maintaining control. Make sense? OK, now that we got these terms down, what’s up with my wakes? The intent of the law if to protect people and property. Boats that run at higher speeds can raise a wake high enough to capsize a kayak and cause erosion

to the shoreline. Back in the 70’s we loved to zip up and down shorelines as camps were few and far between. Boats were smaller, lighter, and not as fast as those today. We also didn’t understand the negative effect on the lake from the soil and other material washed into it back then. Ever see those ugly green blooms in the water? They are helped along from erosion (3). Today we have to be smarter on how to protect families, property, and the lake. Still not convinced? Tough group! OK, let’s talk liability. It is one ugly word, but one we need to consider these days where society has become extremely litigious. There’s actually a court case where a fisherman sued a boater because his wake caused the fishing boat to capsize. A wake caused this! Here’s the punchline - the court agreed with the fisherman. All this was over a wake (4). Why not save your wakes for when you need them. Skiing, wake boarding, and other such fun activities are always welcomed as long as you stay away from shorelines, islands, and others also having fun on the lake. We love to hear the squeals of delight from children as they bounce over the wakes on a tube. We don’t like to hear from others yelling at you for rocking or maybe even tipping over their canoes, SUPs, or any other watercraft. Safe distances and awareness are key. No one is telling you not to have fun, but have fun responsibly (5). There’s plenty of lake for us all to share and have fun making memories. Don’t be the one that spoils the fun for someone else (6).

References 1. The Boater’s Guide to Maine Boating Laws, https://www.maine.gov/ifw/docs/boat-ed.com-maine-handbook.pdf 2. Operating watercraft; prohibitions, http://legislature.maine.gov/statutes/12/title12sec13068-A.html 3. What is that green cloud floating in the lake, https://littlesebagolake.com/my_lake/what-is-that-green-cloud-floating-in-the-lake/ 4. Boat Wake Damage Liability, https://www.boatus.com/seaworthy/magazine/2015/october/boat-wake-damage-liability.asp 5. Time To Wake Up About Wakes, https://www.boatus.com/magazine/trailering/2012/june/wake-up-about-wakes.asp 6. Boat Wakes And Bad Tempers, https://www.boatus.com/magazine/2011/august/seaworthy.asp


LSLA Website From Kevin Murphy

Open your heart to discover the beauty and magic of what the lake can bring you, and you may soon discover the beauty and magic that others find in you.

Announcing the LSLA Website Face Lift! Yes, it happened. Did you see it? Did you notice it? We hope you like the new look. The old site was nice too, but we needed to upgrade the site to a more modern platform that will be easier to maintain and more flexible to update. We hope you find the site a valuable resource when you have questions. We also want your input on how it can be improved. As always, drop us a line at info@littlesebagolake.com should you have any questions. We love hearing from you!

.. Announcing the Little Sebago Lake Association 100 th Anniversary Logo Contest Calling all LSLA members! We are looking for a great new logo! In just a few years, the Little Sebago Lake Association will celebrate its 100 th Anniversary! * Your design could be our new logo!

(Current Logo)

Win $250 for the Best Design! Details: Suggested logo elements: Nature (loons, eagles, fish, sun, water, etc.), Lake fun (pontoon boats, kayaks, paddle boards, etc.) and/or your favorite things about Little Sebago Lake! Include the years 1924-2024 if you wish. No application necessary. Must be an LSLA member to participate. Submission deadline is August 31, 2019. Email your design in jpg or pdf to info@littlesebagolake.com and include your contact information Once submitted, all entries become the property of LSLA. Winner and design will be announced in the LSLA Winter Newsletter. Questions? Please contact us at info@littlesebagolake.com or call (207) 809-4706. *Little Sebago Lake Association’s first annual meeting was held at Aimhi Lodge in 1924. Since that time, the association and it’s supportive membership has strived to keep Little Sebago Lake a safe and clean natural resource that can be enjoyed by all.


Little Sebago Lake Assoc. ~ Treasurer’s Report by Jim McBride

A summary financial report showing 2018 results compared to budget is attached. It also shows the proposed budget for 2019. We ended the 2018 year in excellent financial shape. Here are a few highlights: • Total 2018 income was $120,013 which was above budget by $7,233. Donations under our new membership appeal continued better than expected, and we had strong support for our year-end request for endowment gifts. We did not need to transfer interest & dividend income from our reserves and endowment investments. • Our budget for 2019 shows total income of $122,380 reflecting an increase in grant revenue for a larger DEP milfoil grant. The other revenue accounts are expected to be close to 2018 levels. • Total 2018 expenses were $110,354 which were below budget by more than $11,600. The biggest savings was in equipment purchases, since we delayed the purchase of a new dock to 2019. We also had lower costs than expected in upgrading our website and database and in our safety patrol program. • Our budget for 2019 shows total expenses of $120,900 reflecting the new dock system, higher accounting costs for the new board assistant, increased loon research funding and higher merchandise purchases for new maps. • Total Income Less Expense: We ended 2018 with positive cash flow and a net surplus of $9,659. Our 2019 budget shows a surplus of $1,480. Any funds needed at year-end will be drawn from Reserves. • Net Worth – At year-end 2018 we had total assets of $293,496, just over $23,000 higher than last year. This was due to the operating surplus and growth in invested funds for the endowment and reserves.


Little Sebago Lake Association ~ 2018 Actual & 2019 Budget


2018 LSLA Membership Contributions

David and Christine Godfrey Brian C and Donna Gowen Robert and Elizabeth Gravel Linda Gray, TTEE & Dawna Santoro, Judity G Stephens Trust Pauline Hall Richard and Charlotte Hallworth Ward C. Hand & Susan Brooks Dennis Hanson & A.C. Witham Thomas and Charisse Happe Chester and Judy Harriman, Harriman Reevocable Living trust Cynthia C. Hawkes & Carol Mayle Gary E and Joy Hayes Kevin and Rushna Heneghan Faith Heneghan, Jack’s Nominee Trust Elizabeth and Bryce & Robin Hillman William Hoagland Doug and Tamara Hoehle Kevin and Sue Holloran Lori Holmes Walter Houseman & Nora Frank Cassandra and Christopher Hudson Judith and Rod Irish Gregg and Donna Isherwood Kathryn and Joseph F. Jankauskas Jeffrey and Sandra Johnson Lisa Jordan, Purington Camp Kevin C and Denise Kaserman Augusta Landry Kelly & Phyllis Landry Phillip N and Margarete Kupelian Robert and Lorraine Langlois William LaPrade Victoria M Larson & Dr. Betty Robinson Robert and Laurie Lawrence Joseph N and Mona Leavitt Roger and Mary LeBlanc Barbara Lewis Lisa Sue Litman & Ingrid Vorisek, Keller-Vorisek-Litman Cottage Russell and Linda Lovejoy Scott Lowell Michael W and Sandra MacDonald Arthur L. MacVane Forbes MacVane Anne W. Maloney Tarra Marchetti Linda Markee Alan and Susan Marston Thomas McCarthy Richard and Shirley McIntosh Todd Mellin & Virginia King Joseph and Elizabeth Metayer Bruce and Virginia Micucci Peter Milligan & Terri Thompson Benjamin and Susan Morneault John and Roberta Morris, Roberta C Morris Trust Dennis and Sandra Morris Kevin and Laurie Murphy Kenneth Myers Norma P. and Ralph E. Nathanson Warren Eddy Nowlin Brian and Suzanne Nutting Anne and Dennis O’Donovan Ted and Debra Osgood Steven and Gail Pacifico Richard and Marianne Panciocco Deirdre L Pio Kirsten A Platte Dominic and Anita Poncia

Pamela J Porell John and Gail Post Meryl Atwood & Christopher Pratt Ken and Ruth Pritchard Ken Ringdahl John and Lynne Ritucci Patricia Roberson & John Robinson Mark and Krystal Rohrbaugh Larry and Marie Rose Wayne Saltsman & Lisa Scarfo James and Melissa Sampson Barbara Sawhill & John Mullaney Ronald and Anna Seekins Marie Goucher Shelden Richard and Kathleen Skilling Janet and Robert Slack June and Gregory Sleeper David Small & Betty Bricker-Small Vivienne Sohn Leo and Laurie Soucy Bruce and Lisa Spaulding Jolie Spring & Stephen Makowka 2 Beaver Cove Road, LLC Steve and Norma St Angelo Robert and Judith St. Pierre John and Kim Stiver Anne H and Paul J. Strout George S Tarbox James and Susan Tereshko Elizabeth Thedford & Dylan Rueckert Scott and Loretta Thomes Betty L Thomes & Gregory Smith, Herbert W Thomas Revocable Trust Eric and Pamela Titus Mark and Kimberly Titus Cynthia and Thomas Tobiassen Thomas and Pamela Torre Wayne and Jennifer Trotter Kenneth and Douglas Truscott Bruce and Nancy Tucker Daniel and Nicole Tully Randall and Kris Van Schepen David and Lisa Viola Willard and Deborah Viola Frank and Anthony Vorlicek Bernadette L. Wahle Harvey R and Rose Ann Waite, Harvey R Waite Living Trust Ray Walsh, The Walsh Family Trust Johanna and Thomas Walsh James F and Christine Walsh Barbara J Warner & Lori Sussman Elizabeth Weeks Douglass and Mary Wolfe Gail Wood Douglas W Wright

Gary and Lesley Barron Jeffrey and Deanna Barrows Joseph E and Sheila Baumann Mark S and James Beckman Susan and William Bennett Eric and Sandra Berkowitz Laurie Berry Jason Bison, Easy Living LLC Charles Bizier & Jayne Wilkinson Frederick T and Margaret Boehm Alice Borella Meikel and Keith Brewster David Browder Robert and Betty Brown PC and EA Brown, Philip C, Peter E,& Alan N Brown & Family Jason and Crystal Brown Joan Bruck Dale L and Diane Burnell & Julie and Jeffrey Viola William and Judy Cadorette John Cahalen & Christina Ventresca Dale A Carlson, DBA L & B LLC Connie Caron James Michael and Jacqueline Caron Robert Casparius William Cassidy & Erin Guzowski Terrence and Deborah Cekutis Linda Chase, Chase Farms Jason and Michelle Chaytor John and Yun-Son Choi Cobb, Cobb Family Real Estate Trust John S. and Ann E Cobb Patricia Conlan, Stiegler Camp LLC Paul Connolly Edward, David, & Peter Curran Patricia Currier Francis and Jane Curty Peter and Jane Dascanio Dennis and Linda Davidson Roger Davies Paul and Ellen Decristofaro Leonard S Dexter & Judith Ridge Stephen Donahue & Lilas Borsa Kurt D and Anne Dossin, The Dossin Family Michael and Jennifer Doten Edward and Theresa Dufour William Dunnigan Stephen and Susan Earls Steven and Barbara Ellis Chris and Emily Eustace Robert and Joan Farrell Robert B Fisher & Juliet Clarke Merritt and Pamela Foster David Fournier David Fredrickson Mona Freeman Wilkinson Jake Frustaci Wilfred and Nancy Gagnon Robert and Jacqueline Gallant Steve and Christine Garabedian Raymond and Nina Geissler Andrew P and Katie Genovese Barbara Gibson Diane Gilpatrick Joanne and Jeff Goguen Anthony and Doreen Gouveia David and Nancy Greene Elizabeth Griffin & Daniel Eddy Edward Harding

Stewards $100 - $249 Ruth and Roger Abbott Carolyn and Knute Albrecht

Benefactors $500 and Up Ellen M Bailey, Bailey Family Rick and Barbara Beckwitt Dean Cecile Anthony and Terri Clark Holly and Andrew Cole David and Judith Craver Jason and Kathleen Lacobucci Jeffrey and Judith Kane Little Sebago Lodges Inc. Jim and Kim McBride John S Morneault Owen J. and Doris Jean Newlin Gina and Steve Pettengill, Casey Famiy Foundation Steven and Betsey Roman Constance M and Martin Silver Paul and Christine Tobin Charles and Karen Tufts Anthony M and Martha Vorlicek Advocates $250 - $499 Robert and Patricia Profeta Aranow David and Donna Banks David R Blanchard Janet Boone Betsy Brisk Donna Burtt and Donald Bowker Robert and Sharon Gieringer Jack and Gretchen Grassmann Tammie and Ed Gregori, Lodge LSL, LLC Thomas Hagerty Phyllis A and George Hall George Hall, Halledge Properties, LLC David and Phoebe Horne H. Parker James and Randall Albright Thomas and Sarah Kramlich Mark and Debra Lavoie Robert and Deborah Loranger, Loranger Living Trust Dougald and Jennifer MacGillivray Tom Martin, Martin Island, LLC Andy and Lori Mayo Steve McFarland Edward and Perri McNaught Leland (Skip) and Kristine Murray Arnold and Tamara Rosario John Rousselle Alan and Barbara Saabye Stephen and Maryellen Schissler Roland and Marilyn Seguin Bill and Kim Shelley Gary and Maureen Sidelinger Collin V Sullivan Dennis and Mary Vandi Katherine Walker & Chad and Jane Farrington Donald and Elizabeth Caton Jane W and Douglas Collins Jennifer Cunningham James A and Meredith Cutler David and Douglas Davies Karl and Amy Davis Claire and Robert Desrosiers Peter and Jennifer Feinberg William and Donna Gannon Peter D. Gascoyne & Emily Benedict Gascoyne Peter and Deborah Gellerson Jodi Gernon

Judith Anderson Mark S Arsenault

David C and Linda Bailey John and Phyllis Bailey John D and Nancy Barnard Dorothy Bates Erwin and Meryl Baumann Justine and Roger Beaudoin Judith and Jack Bichajian Richard and Carol Bohnson Richard and Cheryl Bolduc Richard and Cynthia Bostwick Brian Boucher Jack D & Louise F Bowling Revocable Trust Todd and Sarah Brandi, 431 Ramsdell Road, LLC Todd and Sarah Brandi, Pioneeer Mortgage LLC Justin and Kathy Brewer Carol Brigham Alex and Rebecca Simon Brown Julie and Floyd Brown Thomas L and Diane Brown Gary A. and Karin E. Brown Elliott and Joan Bryce Carl W Burdin Nancy Burns & Deborah Cardoni Anthony Buxton & Elizabeth Hoglund Mary Ann and Ed Casey Lloyd and Stacy Chandler Michael and Nicole Ciacciarelli Clarence C and Sandra Cochrane William and Caroline Collentro Mary Conneen Spring and James Connolly, Connolly Birchwood LLC Robert Cook Thomas A and Freida Cormier Charles and Gail Cote Michael J and Rachelle Cowdrey Daniel and Helen Craver Shelly Cristaldi Douglas Curry & Marcia A. Cady Steven and Carol Davis, Stephen A Davis Trust John C Davis Matty and Donna Direnzo, Direnzo Rentals

Andrew and Torre Donaldson Carol Ann and Neal Doucette William and Elaine Duffus Lucien and Judith Dumont & Colleen Dumont Dwayne and Heidi Dunn Charles M. English Daniel and Christina Farrell Meade Fasciano Robert and Tanya Filadora Jon and Linda Forbes Bruce F and Pam J Foshay Timothy and Charlene Fraser Scott and Linda Freedman, Kelley Properties, LLC Paul and Mary Gallant Ken and Diane Gamache Gerald and Susan Garon Edouard and Joan Gauthier

Sharon and David Young Jon and Jeanne Zelensky Eric S. Ziskend Family $50 - $99 Susanna Adams Paula AAllen Allan and Cheryl Alterman Kevin and Deborah Ameele & Nancy Fitz Smith Richard and Elaine Andrade Glenn and Lacy Antonson

Jean Atherton Doris Barnes


2018 LSLA Membership Contributions

Bertha Hardison & Sandra Small, Hardison Revocable Living Trust Steven and Nancy Harnois Charles K Hennessey & Nancy Johnston Patrick Henning Frank and Mary Herland Bruce and Linda Hills Karen B James Elaine Johnson Keith Johnson Richard Jones Steven and Nancy Jordan Jean I and Diane Jordan & Deborah J Richio William and Donna Keaten Beverly A Keniston Gary and Cindy Kenny Kevin Kimball Josephine King, Ox Heritage Realty Trust John and Christine Komola Gail E Labbe Larry and Anne Laderbush Timothy and Allison Laflamme Arthur LaFond & Deborah Loomis LaFond Ronald W and Karen Langille Marie Langlois Gary Lanoie Jack and Rosemary Lasche Daniel LaVallee Susanna Lee Garett Lefebvre Marianne Lefebvre Lawrence Lindenberg & Christine Bertolaccini Stephen and Julie London Joseph C and William Loring, Loring Family Trust Richard and Deborah Loveitt Ron and Cindy Lydick Kenneth and Donna MacDonald Alice MacNeil John and Kirsten Mallia Dottie Davies Marais Diane M Marcou, Blais Family Trust Janet and Ronald Marotta Marsha Martin Doreen McConnell Leo McGovern Roy E McKinney Joseph and Jerilyn McMenamin John and Sue Meade, Meade Family Realty Trust Ralph M and Maureen A Merrill Gregory and Tracy Jamison Jane Carr & Joanne Jellison

Peter and Christina Poitras Nancy Polito & Michael TRUE, Sabia Associates David and Carol Pollard Joyce P and Faye Pond Michael and Maureen Poore Raymond and Kim Poulin Robert and Wilma Reed Terrance W Richardson Betty Robinson Kevin and Lori Ronan Eric and Michelle Roux Robert and Judith Roy Clark and Virginia Rundell Allan Ryder Sara Scalisi & Lee Weinstein Brian and Cindy Schaeffer James L and Lesley M Schwab Helen V Sheets & Donald and Barbara Sheets Elaine Shirfan Karen Simpson & Jaqueline Forrest Bruce Skilling, Estate of Cora Skilling Richard L and Laura H Small Fay and George Small Harold Snowman Tom and Linda Strout Richard and Jill Strout William and Mary Sturtevant, River Rats LLC Richard and Jane Sullivan John Swiger & Sheryl Bernard Dianne and Paul Taylor Nancy Taylor Roland and Linda Tetrault Jennifer and Jeffrey Thompson Linda Tillman Daniel and Nicole Tully Joanne Vance Diane M and Ralph E Vance Peter and Alice Violette Rodney and Barbara Voisine Kenneth R Walker & Willis Johnson Denise and Philip Waterhouse Karen H and Gary Westerman Michael C and Teresa Whyte Thomas Williams Nancy Wilson James and Margene Young Lawrence Zuckerman, Little Sebago Properties LLC Friend $25 - $49 David and Vicki Aaskov Carl and Alexis Albach, Carl Albach & Alexis Albach Living Trust Kim and Bob Aldrich Robert G and Cheryl Allen Donald and David Allen & Joan Cuetara David and Jean Southard Robert and Tammy Souza Peter and Sharon St. Clair Patricia and Henri St. Pierre Alan Stevens James H Stewart Deane and Wayne Story Martha Strong

Rebecca L Arsenault Fredric J and Janis Astle Ralph and Beverly Bailey Paula Balcom Jay and Jennifer Banks Wayne S and Cynthia Baelow Paul and Pauline Barrows Keith and Sonnia Bearce Normand and Mary Begin Margaret and Robert Beland Richard and Lorraine Bell Linda H Bentley Arthur Black & Teresa Sawyer-Black Patrick Bolin & Ana Rossi David and Heather Brackett James and Mary Branscombe Jonathan Brass & Anne Lassar Ryan Brazell Evelyn Brissette Howard P Broisman & Renee Labossiere Leonard and Donna Brown Michael E Burba & Sweekim Lim Douglas and Janice Burke, The Birch Island Trust Kevin and Heather Cady Marilyn Caramanica Douglas Carmichael, Lyons Point LLC Timothy and Valerie Carrico Robert and Pauline Chervincky, Chervincky Family Trust Russell Clement Harry W. and Gail M Clements A. Ann and Melissa L Cobb A & A Cobb Realty Trust Richard and Ann Coffey James and Jean Cogan Gary and Renee Collins Sonna Collins & B. Davis Collins Jr. Ronald S and Deja Cook Andre and Sue Ellen Cote Joseph and Mary Elizabeth Cullen Rayann Burnham Cummings & Stuart Haines, Rayann Burnham Cummings Trust Priscilla Cutts Kimberly Darling Joseph and Lynn DeAndrade Neil and Cathy D’Entremont Martie DiBiase Maureen Donelan & Karen Gottwald, Donelan Land Trust Lorraine Donnelly Dianne J and John Doyle Arnold and Harold Eames Elizabeth Eaton Rod and Karen Elliot, Sunset Haven LLC Faith Evans Andrew and Joan Faerber Jeri Fitzpatrick David and Couri Flaherty Otmar Foelsche Richard and Laurie Forbes Gerald A and Christine Fossett Florence Fossett Patrick and Margaret Foster Muriel Gade Dave and Ann Gagnon, 24 Waterview LLC Judy George Barbara R Gordon John and Wendy Connolly George and Leona Connors

Anna and Donald Green Tim and Sue Greer Sharon and Ronald Gregor Gerry Haines James Hall & Pam Michaud Gail P. Hamilton Richard and Evelyn Hart Susan Hawkes Patrick Henning Robin Herrick Donald Hills Lori and Isabel Hilton Thomas and Johan Houghton Isabel and Richard Jarrett Phylis Johnson & Sewel Diane Donald Johnson

Donald P and Walter Penta Steven and Marianne Pepin Robert T. Peters & Karen Weiburg-Peters Thomas Poirier Herbert and Martha Porch Robert Radowicz & Janette Radowicz Deb Randall Donna Rauschke & Kenneth Rauschke, Sccargray Property Account Leslie Reuter Gordon R and Brenda Reynolds Edward J and Jean Richards Gary Robbins Robert Roberge & Charlene Roberge Knight Bruce Robinson Cynthia Rogers Becki Rush Karl and Carla Savino Barbara Sawhill & John Mullaney Marion Sawyer Steve and Gwen Sayian Leo F and Theresa Shanahan Eleanor and Montelle Small Anne T. Smith Marla A St. Pierre & Claire E Beamis Helen B and Harlow Sternberg Stephen and Janice Stilkey Martha Strong Jan Strout Patricia Sullivan Stephen and Susan Swan Pamela F Taylor James Theiss & Julia Bruce, Kames F Theiss Revocable Trust Susan Thomas Karen Toman Don Seidel Bill Seixas

Lawrence and Angela Jolliffe Philip W and Patricia Jones Dorothy Jonson John Keimel & Alice Oldford Laura and Bruce Keith Mary Caughlan Kelley & Carol Schulley Theresa M and Geoffrey King Ronald Koster & Denise Ohlsen-Koster Jared and Erica Lachance Joao and Charlene Lage Brenda and Al Lamanda Elizabeth and Christopher Lanoue Michele and Trevor Laverdiere Robert and Cheryl Leo Cheryl Leo & Virginia Elliot, Caminiti Family Trust Joyce Foster Leonard & Ann Foster Bixby Amy Lippmann George and Edith-Anne Lydick Alan J MacIsaac Susan and Michael Maloney Joseph Marshall Michael Mastromonaco Robert Mathews & Stephen Matthews Kevin Matthews Paula Maus Raymond and Lucy Maxwell Robert Maxwell Robert and Tina Mayhew Linda and John Mayol Alison McCue Susan McGaulley Terry and Nancy McGovern Daniel and Nancy McHale Peter Mcleod, PMAC Inc. Robert and Enid McNeally Daniel and Lana Merchant Peter and Denise Moore Benjamin and Susan Morneault Robert and Susan Moulton Jeffrey and Claudia Murray James and Linda Mycock Alex Ng & Jennifer Chadburn Nancy and Peter Nielsen Sally Noel Brenda and Ken Nowers & Lisa Zaia

Kevin and Cindy Trinward Arthur L and Sandy Turcotte Robert and Bonnie Turner Thomas and Joyce Vacca David and Judith Vance David and Michelle Violette Richard Vosburgh John H and Nancy Walkenford Constance and Warren Ward Simon Ward Lucia and Peggy Warren, The Lucian M Warren - Jackaway Revocable Trust Robert and Karen Wescott John and Carol West Tom and Judith Weston Mary Wilde

Vincent J Micale Laurence Minott

& Constance Ramsay-Minott Sheila and Brian Morrison Mark D. and Rosalie B. Mosher Cheri Ann and Steven Narducci Charles and Sharon Noyes Terri Noyes & Christopher Pitts William and Eunice Nussbum Linda A and Fred Oertel Susan and Thomas Oliver

Margaret Wilson Susan Worthing Elmer Young Jean-Marie Young

& Jayne Dyer Jane Rogan

John and Meredith Zerillo

Janet and Larry Nowinski Julie and Dennis O’Brien Robert and Helen Olesen James & Roberta Olson Bonnie and Jed Palmacci Jack R Pannier Sally-Lou Patterson Paul and Sandy Penna

Peter Papi, Vacation Lane LLC Philip M. and Michael Pastore, Michael M Pastore Irrevocable Trust Charles and Margaret Pickeauptlh Kirsten A Platte Ronald Poirier & Holly Nichholson

Michael and Carol Anderson Robert E Armitage, Rans LLC Edward and Barbara Arnold

& Susan Mortimer Pannier


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