Milfoil Militia Variable Milfoil Vigilance Pam Wilkinson & Tim Greer

Our operation begins in the spring with protocol updates, safety training and a bit of surveying to see what lurks below. Our heavily infested areas no longer exist and are now classified as medium intensity or sparse. We have to wait for the new growth to get large enough to see. This makes it more difficult to search and remove. The pattern is routine now. In late June we hit the shallow beds in the coves and upper narrows so the plant is not cut up by boaters coming in for the summer and those enjoying the July 4 th week. We then proceed to the deeper beds previously mapped. The Lower Lake in Windham is our first target since it has the most milfoil. After a couple of weeks we proceed to the Upper Lake in Gray to begin assessment and removal. This takes about another two weeks and then we rotate back to the Lower Lake. On the way south we check coves, previously mapped removal areas and reported sightings along the way. It is encouraged that you look down in the water in front

of your property and be aware of what is normal / native or what looks new and suspicious. Please call us if you see something suspicious, sometimes it is only a native plant called Water Marigold, which looks very similar to our Variable Milfoil. Natural plants have cyclical growths with some years more plentiful than others. It is better to keep the natives around your area to avoid the invasive plant from finding a spot to root. If we identify it as invasive, the team will remove it. If you see something in question, please contact pwilkinson@littlesebagolake.com . As other lakes have other kinds of invasive plants and species, we need to be aware of what is around us that can enter our lake. One invasive is enough to manage. Please educate yourselves on what is native and what is invasive. Suggested links are: https://www.lakestewardsofmaine.org/

Notice the major difference in plant structure:

Uneven branches

Uniform and even branches

Native Water Marigold

Invasive Variable Milfoil


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