MASCOT Size Chart & Product Guide

Important information about MASCOT’s products

Rain? Choose certified rain protection A large part of the jackets in the assortment are certified according to EN 343. Choose workwear with EN 343, if you want to keep the rain out. See more about EN 343 on page 162.

Keep the wind out If you work in a windy environment, choose windproof products and also check the jacket’s details. Among other things, it’s a good idea to make sure that the front fastening has a storm flap, either in front of or behind the zipper, so cold air won’t penetrate through the zipper. In addition, some of the jackets are fitted with sleeves that are extended at the back of the hand to protect against wind and cold.

Is it cold? Choose certified protection against cold Choose jackets with EN 342, if you want to be sure to keep warm in cold environments. See more about EN 342 on page 162.


Keep rain out If you are working outside, where you are exposed to rain, you should have the possibility to wear a waterproof jacket. Look for the waterproof symbol. At MASCOT, a jacket is waterproof only when the outer material, the seams and the details are waterproof. In a product where only the outer material is waterproof, but the seams are not taped, we will classify the jacket as water-repellent.

Do you have a physically active job? If so, then breathability in your workwear is very important. If you are wet with sweat, you risk getting cold. The layers against the skin have to be moisture wicking and the outer layer should be breathable, so you are kept dry and warm. When choosing the inner layer, look for the ‘Moisture wicking’ symbol, and when choosing the outer layer, look for the ‘Breathable’ symbol.

Look for an insulating AND thin lining MASCOT uses CLIMASCOT ® lining in several jackets. With a thin but effective insulating lining, you keep warm while ensuring your freedom of movement. See more about CLIMASCOT ® on page 76.


Lightweight insulation


Waterproof MASCOTEX ® If you want to make sure that you have unique weather protection, you should look for products made with MASCOTEX ® - a waterproof, windproof and breathable material. Look for Bearnylon ® if you’re content with a water-repellent outer material that is also dirt repellent and extremely durable.

Look for hydrostatic pressure in rainwear Do you need rainwear? Look for the hydrostatic pressure test that indicates the fabric’s ability to resist water penetration. MASCOT only includes the water resistance on rainwear, as it is with these products that you need the extra high values. See more about rainwear with a high water resistance on page 410.

Water-repellent Bearnylon ® Look for Bearnylon ® if you only want a water-repellent outer material that, however, is dirt repellent and very durable.


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