MASCOT Size Chart & Product Guide

Which trousers should I choose? Finding trousers that fit perfectly with your work situation, depends largely on the fabric. Get pointers on which fabric to choose, when you need, for example, high durability or low weight.

The fabric’s looks At MASCOT, we primarily use canvas and twill weaving structures for trousers. They have, among others, different looks. Twill is a classic fabric type, while canvas has a more modern look and a more open structure.

Weight on the trousers The weight next to the trousers is the weight of the primary fabric, per square metre, not the actual weight of the trousers. Based on the fabric weight, you can assess the thickness and with it, how heavy they are to wear. The weight is also an indicator of the wear resistance as sturdy fabrics are typically more durable than lighter fabrics. The durability also, of course, depends of the materials used, as some fibres are stronger than others.


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