Luxe Vehicle Registration Guide


Any vehicle owned and driven by a Luxembourgish resident for more than six consecutive months must be registered in Luxembourg. The following outline provides a step-by-step guide of relevant customs and registration formalities. 1. The owner of the vehicle must present the vehicle to any of the customs offices listed below:

Croix de Gaasperech L-1350 Luxembourg

2, rue Clairefontaine L-9290 Diekirch

1, bd Porte de France L- 4360 Esch/Alzette

Port de Mertert

3, rue des Prés

L-6688 Mertert

L-7561 Mersch



+352. +352.



+352.81.70.45-71 Mon-Fri:08:00 - 17:00


+352.74.05.12 Mon-Fri:08:00 - 17:00

+352.27.488.300 Mon-Fri:08:00 - 17:00

Mon-Fri:08:00 - 17:00

Mon-Fri:08:00 - 17:00

The following documents are required (originals only): + Valid ID card/passport of the owner + Residence certificate less than 1 month old + Matricule (social security card) + Bill of sale (car title or documentation from dealership) + Current registration documents for the car Please note that a Customs official may want to verify the vehicle identification number. During this visit, the “Vignette 705” will be issued, which proves that the vehicle can be registered in Luxembourg and all VAT regulations have been followed. The vignette is free of charge and required for further technical inspection of the vehicle. 2. The next step is acquiring number plates, which can be done via the following methods:

Telephone 357214-237





BP. 23 L-5201 Sandweiler

If you acquire plates by telephone, you must provide your matricule number to enable the SNCT (Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique) official to identify you, and the number will be attributed to you immediately. You will receive the first available number from the current series. It is free of charge. Please note that the number plate can be attributed only to the owner of the car whose name is mentioned in the vehicle registration documents.

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